What To Charge As a Health Coach

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This is a topic that I think everyone struggles with.  I know I certainly did.  The first thing I found myself doing was typing into Google, “what to charge as a health coach?”…  The answers didn’t help one bit and to be perfectly honest I don’t think that there is a right or wrong.  However, I am hoping that I can provide you with some sort of breakdown to help you figure out your own pricing points.


what to charge as a health coach


There are a few things to consider when you are trying to figure out what to charge as a health coach:

  1. Why should someone hire you?
  2. What do you have to offer that no one else can?
  3. What programs do you offer?
  4. What is included in your programs?
  5. Do you offer a HIPPA certified platform?
  6. How long have you been a health coach?
  7. Do you have testimonies?
  8. Do you offer payment plans?


Why Should Someone Hire You?

If you think like your ideal client for a minute, ask yourself why should they hire you?  Whether you charge $50.00 or $5000, no one will hire you if they don’t think that you are worth it.  You need to provide what they are looking for.  Now, to be clear you simply can not guarantee anything working in this field.

You CANNOT heal or diagnose as a health coach.  What you can do though is invaluable and your potential client needs to feel that way as well.  Notice that I said FEEL.  If someone feels a connection with you, if they feel in their gut that what you have to offer can help them, they are more likely to work with you.


What Can You Offer A Potential Client?

What makes you different?  What about you would make someone say “yes, you are who I want to work with”?

This is exactly why knowing your niche and ideal client are not negotiable in my opinion.  What does your ideal client need guidance with?  If you specialize in weight loss than your ideal client is someone looking for help in that specific area.

You may be the very best weight loss coach but someone that is looking for holistic acne remedies isn’t going to pay you $10.00 for your suggestions and recommendations on weight loss because it is irrelevant to them.

Now, although you may know that all areas of health are connected, you need to think like your potential client and they likely do not think that way if they are looking for something specific.

Once someone is working with you then you can take the opportunity to educate them on how the body is connected.  To get someone to work with you from an online perspective you need to immediately speak to their pain point.  Your website needs to be clear and easy to navigate.


What do you have to offer that no one else can?

This one is relatively simple and yet can be the hardest to get our mindset around.  The absolute biggest difference between you and your competition; is you!  You are the only you!

Only you have your exact way of thinking, working, learning and achieving.  The combination of what makes you and how you communicate yourself to others is the key to what you have to offer.

Your greatest tool is yourself.  The knowledge that you possess will be similar to other health coaches on a basic level.  What you specialize in and the additional courses that you took or research will attract your ideal client to you BUT why they hire you is because they resonate with you!

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What programs do you offer?

What you offer as far as programs greatly affect your pricing.  One on one work will be significantly higher priced than a group program.  The more comprehensive and in-depth your program is the more expensive it will be.  The more customized your program is, the more expensive it will be.

Group Program |  One-one  | Membership

Group programs are a lot of fun to run.  There can be so much interaction and they provide a lot of value to the people in them.  The key to a group program is a good layout and organization. No matter what type of program you offer, providing value is the most important.

People either love or hate a group program and they know what they prefer.  Offering both group and/or one-on-one can make you more versatile.

Some coaches will tell you to only do one or the other but the problem with that is:

  • If you have done a good job narrowing down your niche, you are already targeting a smaller range of people which is good.  However, if you also only offer one program you can run into being too restricted and end up with fewer clients as a result.  Some people only want group formatting.
  • You are more versatile if you offer both, since you may not always have one-one-one clients, having a group program running will ensure that you have an income coming in.
  • Running group programs often leads to people wanting to work with you one-on-one.


When it comes to memberships, I don’t recommend you set this up until you have a large enough following.  Ideally, those that have worked with you privately or in a group setting will transition into a membership.  If you don’t have a large enough following, it can be a ton of work for a few people.

Putting all of your time into a membership for a few people keeps you away from money-making tasks.


Do You Offer A Platforms For Your Programs

Having a platform where you organize your information and connect with your clients adds value.  Anything that has value can better support your business.  I highly recommend that you use Practice Better for your clients.  No matter which program you are offering you will want each person to read your disclaimer and sign a waiver.  You are not a doctor and you need to have in writing that your client understands exactly what you can offer them.  They need to sign that they understand that you CANNOT diagnose, treat or heal them.

You want to make it clear and put into writing that your suggestions are just that, suggestions and that you in no way replace their doctor and/or specialist.  Practice Better is perfect for this as the client can sign electronically and the portal is HIPAA certified.

You can do everything that you need to do with your clients in Practice Better but if you are looking for a robust membership area than I suggest you use Kartra.  I use both.  Kartra offers all your e-mail, funnel, memberships, products etc.  You still want Practice Better for the client’s health aspect as well as you can do your sessions right within the platform.  I highly suggest that you use these 2 platforms.

Af one point I had around 6 platforms that I was paying for each month.  Karta and Practice Better now provide everything that I need and end up cheaper; BONUS!


Customized vs Generic Programs

When I say generic programs, I mean the one size fits all type programs.  I am not a fan of these personally, however, they can be a way for you to gain experience.  There are plenty of people looking to pre-made healthy eating recipes that they can follow.

You can market this type of program for those looking for healthy options or weight loss for example.  This style of program is nice because once you create it you can reuse it over and over.

Customized on the other hand requires much more work, research and time.  My favorite way to work with clients is in customized individual 3-month programs.

No matter which type of program that you offer you will want to have a well laid out plan.


How Long Have You Been a Health Coach

Some coaches will tell you that it doesn’t matter how long you have been a health coach when it comes to pricing.  I believe that you should increase your prices as you gain experience.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t charge what you feel is an appropriate amount.

How can you charge more so that you can make the income that you desire?  Value.  You can charge the same amount as a health coach that has 10 years’ experience IF you offer more value.

Being newer to the field doesn’t mean that you have less to offer.  It does mean that you have to become creative in what your program offers.

Take the time to research what your competitor offers in their programs.  If they offer a 3-month group program for $499.00, create your program for 4 months for $499.99.  See what they include in their offer and see what you can add to increase the value.  Some other ideas:

  • Offer a free 1-1 session at the end of the program
  • A complete 7-day detox
  • A free e-book with easy super ideas for their family

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Do You Have Testimonies

In the beginning, you will want to offer a few free 1-1 sessions or run a group program at a discounted rate or even free.  Make it clear to the clients that you are making this offer in exchange for a testimony.

Testimonies are an important part of gaining authority as an online health coach.  It is difficult to trust the online space and having several well-written testimonies on your website will allow people to get a sense of what you have to offer them.

Make sure that you gain true testimonies.  Too many people get testimonies from someone that they know and that is not a way to gain a following and clients.  You want to gain real-life experience as well and having true testimonies allows you to grow as a coach through your work as well as gain authority.

Video testimonies are the best but many people will not feel comfortable being on video.  If they are that is a huge bonus!


Do You Offer A Payment Plan

This comes with a downside…  You will get the odd client that ends up not paying.  The upside is that you will be more attractive to clients that cannot afford to pay all at once.  When you set up a payment program make sure that the last payment is done BEFORE the program is over.

I learned the hard way.  I’ve had situations where I extended payments to help people and then not received any payment at all and that really sucks.  Personally, I suggest that all one time sessions are paid BEFORE the session takes place.  I do this by having it set up that when they schedule there session, they are required to pay at the same time.

If a program runs for 4 weeks, I will break it down into 2 payments to make it easier for the client.  The breakdown would behalf before it starts and the other half at the 2-week mark.

How to Come Up wIth Your Fees

Look and see what the competition is charging for various services.  Layout what services you will offer and set your fees 10% less than your experienced competition.

If you have a specific program that you feel you can truly add more value to your clients then keep the fee the same but add additional content, time or bonuses.

Charge significantly more for your one-on-one work.  If a client would like to add a meal plan that you don’t typically offer, make sure that you charge an additional fee for it.

Increase your fees as you gain experience.  You can also increase once you have a certain number of solid testimonies where clients have shared their success.

To give you a more concrete example.  My beginning fee for a 90-minute session was $97.00, after 6 months I increased that to $137.77.  After 2 years I decreased the time to 60 minutes, as I got better at structuring my calls but I left the fee the same because it feels right and fair for me.

That said, over those 2 years, I increased my pricing on my custom 3 month and group programs as well.



When it comes to pricing it can feel overwhelming.  You don’t want to charge too much but you don’t want to charge too little either.  You need to make money. Period and the end.  Without it, you simply have an expensive hobby.  Yes, you want to help others but this is also your time, energy and work.

Take the time to review these factors and research your competition to see what you feel is the best fit for you.

Remember, you can increase your prices over time.  In fact, I recommend that you implement your first increase after 3 months.  You can also adjust your programs as you go.  If something is not working, you have the control to shift things to better suit your needs and style.



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