Ultimate Guide To Starting A Health Coaching Business in 2020

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There are a few things that you need to have in place once you are officially a health coach.  Many of these steps can start while in school or taking your courses!  I put together an ultimate guide to starting a health coaching business in 2020, showing you how to start a health coaching business.  I am sharing what I learned along the way and I hope you will find it helpful.

In this Ultimate Guide To Starting A Health Coaching Business in 2020 you will find information on the following:

  • Your Why
  • Legal Aspects
  • Strategize
  • Equipment
  • Be seen – online presence
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Mindset


Not a health coach yet but wondering how you can become one?  Check out this article that covers more.

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Know WHY you want to be a health coach!

Staying current is something that can feel will never actually be achievable because new discoveries are made daily and one can simply never know everything.  I remember feeling this way many times but once I sat down and really figured out WHY I wanted to be a health coach, I started to feel more joy in my business.

I highly suggest that you look at your own balance weekly.  Your own homework… Write down your ideal client. This is a good recount for you to make sure that your desires as you build your business stay in alignment and that you are still in tune with your passion and strengths.

Most of the time it is something that you have personally gone through or someone close to you has gone through that has put you on this journey and that can be your WHY.  This matters for when things seem too hard and you feel like you want to quit.


What forms do you need to make your website legal

This wouldn’t be an ultimate guide to starting a health coaching business 2020 IF I didn’t discuss the importance of making sure that you have looked into the legal aspects of your business.  Every business has a legal aspect. The online space is no different.  You need to be aware of what you need on your website to make it legal.

How do you know what you need to make your website legal?

Disclosure: I am NOT an attorney. Always seek legal guidance if you are unclear or uncertain of any area regarding your business.  This post will provide information only and is not legal advice.

The three pages that you want to make sure are on every page of your website are a disclosure policy, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.  You can purchase templates that allow you to customize them to your specific needs.



Set aside time to evaluate and re-evaluate how you are working; do this every single week.  Keep the focus on your ideal client and how you can best serve them.  Only work with a select number of clients at a time and focus 100% on them and their healing and holding space for them.


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At first, it may seem hard to get clients but once you do, it can feel overwhelming unless you have a strategy in place.  If you take on too many clients,  you lose research time and sacrifice your abilities.  It is so tempting to take on every client that reaches out, it is so tempting to take on too many/too much.

The desire to help can run high, the desire to make more financially is obvious and yet if you do this, if you lose sight of what your limits and boundaries are or your true vision and passion than you sacrifice yourself.  When that happens, all of that temptation means nothing because you will not help anyone and you will suffer as well.


What makes you unique?

Write out your journey and the reason why you want to help others.  Share your story, that tells people that you really do understand.  Don’t be afraid to feel confident in your area of expertise.  That is why you narrow down who you want to work with and what you want to help them with; known as your niche.


What is your offer?

Put into words exactly what you have to offer.  Not just your package but how you will deliver it and why it will help them.  There are a lot of programs available so why should someone buy from you versus the other hundreds of people in the same industry.  What about you makes someone feel comfortable sharing their health story with you?

Draw up a rough idea of what you would like to offer as packages?  Do you offer a 90-day challenge, a 3-month intense series, do you do a live video with your clients.

Make sure that your clients know exactly what you do, what you offer, how they will work with you and why they should work with you.


How much do you charge?

This is a tricky one but truthfully we make more it difficult on ourselves than needed.  Your fee doesn’t matter as much as what you are giving the person.  If you can figure out the one supplement or 6 foods they need to help them, they would likely pay anything…  I don’t believe in ripping people off but you have to account for your time and energy as much as what the problem is you are helping them with.

I suggest starting with a slightly lower fee until you have a few testimonies.  Then with each growth period that you have, you can increase your fee as you feel fair.


Equipment that you will need to build an online business

The basic piece of equipment that you will need is a laptop.  The rest you can purchase later.

  • Laptop or Computer
  • Quality microphone
  • Quality camera
  • Quality headphones
  • Professional photos
  • USB stick
  • Back up function


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Best platforms for building a health coaching business

Practice Better is an online platform that gives you everything you need to create customized forms, meal plans, supplement suggestions, lifestyle recommendations.  I have tried a few platforms and this one is by far my favorite.  It is also HIPPA compliant which for me was a really big deal.

Fullscript is a great supplement dispensary that you can use and it sinks with Practice Better so that you can have the most of both and create great protocols for your clients.


Get Seen — Online Presence

WordPress Site

I recommend that you set up a WordPress site.  I personally tried others in the beginning only to be led back to WordPress.  It may seem overwhelming in the beginning but after you get the hang of it, it really is easy.  You don’t need to hire someone to set this up for you.  I have a course that walks you through the steps here.


Once you have your website established you can register with HARO, help a reporter out.  Once you apply, you will receive a couple of e-mails a day.  You can send in your best answer to a suitable query and if they use your answer, they will link your website which can help get you backlinks for your website.

Blog Posting

Blog posting is a great way to build like/know/trust with your audience.  Provide as much helpful information as you can, this leads to a following and potential clients that can’t wait to work with you.  Make sure that you write about relevant information, don’t have a post about puppies if your niche is women’s hormones.  You also want to make sure that you optimize each post as this will help Google find it and put it in front of your audience.  I walk you through SEO in Health Coach Creator.

Guest Blog Posting

Guest posting can help you get in front of a larger audience as well as build backlinks.  Blog posting can be intimidating but after you do one or two it will become more comfortable.  Search for fellow coaches and reach out to them to see if they would be interested in having a guest post on their site and what topic you feel you can provide a great post on.  Avoid trading guest posts as Google is smart and will know; you will not get backlinks for doing this.

Social Platforms

Working online is an amazing opportunity in front of a large audience but you need to have a presence on these platforms for them to see you.  I suggest that you focus on one platform at first until you are consistently posting on it a couple of times a day.  The biggest thing is consistency, if you post once a week then make sure you post once a week.  If you post 3 times a day, then post 3 times a day.

Depending on your niche you may find one platform more beneficial.  Where is your audience?  If you focus on recipes for weight loss, specifically Keto or GAPS, then you may choose Pinterest.  If you are zoning in on men’s health, you may look at Facebook or Instagram.



You can have the best offer, the best course or the best service BUT if no one sees it; it won’t sell.  If you don’t sell to anyone then you make no money and then you have an expensive hobby…

To avoid that, we look at marketing to get as many eyes on your website as possible.  A great way to do that is through list building, public speaking, and library or school visits.


Many online business health coaches talk about the all-important list.  It truly does matter and the reason is that if anything ever happens to social platforms you won’t be out of business.  The idea is to have people on your list that truly want to be and will at some point hopefully become a client.

Provide quality content to your list only.  Many talk about over-sharing of themselves as a sales tactic but I am strongly against this.  Like/know and trust has always been important but I personally do not need to know what someone did on the weekend or a picture of their cat in order to purchase a quality course or product.

You also do not want to spam your list.  They do not need an e-mail from you daily nor do they want to only hear from you when you are trying to sell something.  Provide content that will help them and then you can introduce them to a new product/service that you may have.

Public Speaking

If you are comfortable than this can be an incredible way to grow your business.  You can pass out a form for those that want on your monthly newsletter can sign up.  They may love what you had to share and connect with you at a later date or sign up to be a client in one of your programs on the spot.

School/Library Talks

Schools and libraries are amazing ways to reach school-age children if your niche is children.  You can provide education on healthy foods and recipes.  You can also send home a flyer with your contact information for parents to set up a session with you if they feel beneficial.


This step should be mentioned before and after every single step because without it nothing matters.  As a health coach your desire is or should be to help others and to do that involves a great deal of energy.  When you release this kind of energy on a daily basis it can and likely will at some point make you feel like stopping.

Keeping on top of your mindset is crucial in any job but especially as a health coach.  You will hear many stories and journeys and with that the pain and suffering that accompanied.


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Already have a couple of clients?

Let go of any clients that you feel are not a good fit, maybe they aren’t following the protocol and yet “say/think/want” to get better but will not look at their blocks, maybe they aren’t making their payments, maybe they simply are not ready or doing any of the homework or perhaps they are not truly a good fit and you can point them in a better direction for them.

I used to truly dread this reflection. I felt fear, was I failing them, was I not enough, did I do something wrong… I had to do a lot of mindset work to learn that some women would say they believed and felt that my work/protocol was what they truly needed and yet they deeply inwardly just wanted a quick fix and thought maybe I had it. I had to learn that it was ok to say no, that it was ok to fire a client when they weren’t doing the work or paying for their protocol. I learned that every time I let go, I attracted and left space for the right client.


In this ultimate guide to starting a health coaching business 2020 you have hopefully learned:

  • Narrow down your niche and ideal client
  • Have forms in place to protect your website
  • Have a strategy
  • Establish an online presence
  • Marketing
  • Mindset


I would be interested in hearing how your business is going.  Feel free to drop me a comment and share how things are going!

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