“I have gone from housebound and often bedbound (diagnosed with severe CFS/ME plus Hashimotos) to leaving the house several times a week, and I trust the progress is going to continue. You have a unique combination of medical knowledge, holistic knowledge, incredible intuition and true wisdom.”


Your message is delivered with such insight, coupled with your huge knowledge and experience, and your wisdom always meets me with the exact thing I need to hear. I would not hesitate for a second to work with you, if anyone is on the fence! I have recommended so many friends to join this group already. Thank YOU for giving us the gift of sharing your abilities!”

You are amazing 🧡🌻🧡

“You have impacted my life in so many amazing ways! You have helped me in so many facets of my life”. 

 Torri Trimmer

“I found you in despair. I felt like I was dying, I was certainly falling apart. I sat around in self pity, pain, yeast day after day. The anxiety and mood swings were crippling and I felt like a horrible mom. I KNEW there was a NATURAL way to feel better. I felt in my gut that a pill wasn’t my answer. You gave me the path to come out of adrenal fatigue, believe in myself again. I definitely have my bad days. But what I do now is I keep on going, I don’t wallow in self pity. And I can pull myself out of a bad day much easier now”.


“You taught me how to find and work through stress triggers, past traumas, how to separate my energy from my kids, to take time for myself, communicate better with people, to fight for things I believe in, to not give up, and so much more”. 

I have started a business that is thriving and something that I absolutely LOVE. And you pushed me to grow it in ways that I doubted or were scared of. You are so much more than a holistic practitioner. I’m so glad we found each other!!!