Simple Steps To Choosing A Niche

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Starting out as a Health Coach

It feels amazing to finally pass all those courses and ready to get working with clients!  Only… you realize that you have all this new knowledge and determination and so much to still figure out…  hopefully these simple steps to choosing a niche will help you work through some of the overwhelm.

One question that every health coach has in the beginning and sometimes more often then they would like to admit is; do you need a niche?


simple steps to choosing a niche


The short answer is YES, you absolutely need to have a niche.  Lets explore this a bit further and hopefully help you gain some clarity!


What Is A Niche and simple steps to choosing a niche?

Essentially, a niche is your area of expertise that you specialize in.  Think about your potential client. When they sit at the computer to research what exactly they are looking for and/or struggling with; what are they typing in the Google search bar?

To figure this out you need to know who your ideal client is…

Who Is Your Ideal Client?


You will hear the term ideal client tossed around a lot in the online world and that is because it matters.  

Your ideal client is the exact person that you hope to work with and help.  That can look very different for every health coach and there is no right or wrong.  The key is to know your ideal client and then you can use these simple steps to choosing a niche to help you refine your work further. Some questions to ask yourself when trying to figure this out:

  1. Women, men or children
  2. Age range
  3. Experience
  4. Symptoms and struggles
  5. Knowledge base

Lets look a little but at each point listed above.

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Women, men or children

This is a critical step in my opinion.  You cannot help everyone and there is a huge difference in what you may recommend for a 60 year old man versus a 12 year old girl.  This matters in the online space in particular because Google will see you as an expert and show your website to more people if you appear to know a lot in one area.  

If you are posting to every person and issue, Google will not likely see you as an expert in anything and therefor not put your website on the 1st page.

What I mean by show your site on page one of Google search is that when a person types in a certain topic/issue/place online in the Google search bar.  Google then shows pages and on each page is what they refer to as SERP.  Statistically, most people don’t scroll past page one of what Google shows as the results to there search and so the idea is to get onto page 1.

In the perfect world, you would do this organically and that means that you pay nothing to get on page 1.  To do that, you need to be familiar with SEO. 

SEO means that you have a good idea of how Google search engine works and have optimized your website, pages and posts to give you the absolutes best chance.

Let’s get back to the list of ideals that make up your ideal client.


laptop and tea



Your recommendations can vary greatly based on the age of your client.  If you work mostly with women post par tum, you will likely not be an expert in autism in children for example.  Again, think about what you are posting on your website and how people that read your site will view your expertise.  

How they view you is also how Google likely does. If you are writing about everything and anything, then you likely are not showing up in the search results for anything.  Google is smart and the goal is to show the best content to the person searching for information or answers.  

If they don’t think that is you and your website; well, nobody is going to see that you even exist…



This one I feel is more specific to you and what you aim to provide and level of skill set/knowledge your potential client has.  

What I mean by experience is how much your ideal client has already gone through as far as seeking answers.  Who have they already worked with, what have they already done, what lifestyle changes have they already made?

You may be very new and lack the knowledge to help someone that has already been through a lot and done a pile of research over the years.  If you are more advanced and confident in your skills, they you may dive deep into autism or Lyme for example and how you can potentially offer guidance.

Symptoms and Struggles

This is important.  Know what you know.  Meaning, do not try and be the expert of all things, people can see through that and they will not want to work with you. 

You cannot know everything nor can you help everyone. Looking at your own experience or passion is there an area that you would love to help others with.  If there a specific struggle that you have gone through that you know you can provide solid and beneficial guidance in to help others?


honey, cinnamon and lemon


Simply put, you need to know more than your ideal client.  Many people that are looking for nutritional or lifestyle help have already been through many regimes and they are looking for answers. 

If you find yourself doing a consult with someone and they appear to be well versed to the extent of stretching your own knowledge base, you are best to be open and honest and help them find someone more suitable to their needs.

You will not help them if you continue or think you can just research information after the fact and you will not help yourself as they will not refer anyone to you.

Many of my clients have come to me via word of mouth so you do not want to burn this bridge.  You will gain respect by knowing your own limitations.

Once you know who your ideal client is and have a good sense of where they are at already, you need to know your niche and show yourself as the expert in that area.


How to pick a niche?

Choosing a niche can be tough.  Most health coaches have to try out a few areas before truly feeling confident in one and deciding to stick with it.  

You may feel like you are cutting yourself short by narrowing down your area of expertise but it is the exact opposite, as I said earlier.  If you decide to help everyone because, holistic means all connected, you will loose out and will be seen as the expert of nothing.

I suggest that you look deeply at your own life.  Your journey and experience.  What you have gone through, how it changed you, what you learnt.

Think about how it all made you feel and how you could make someone else feel even just a little better if you shared what you did, how you overcame and what you changed.

People relate to experience and if you share even a small piece of your own journey that they can relate to it can show them that you do in fact


TIP:  Narrowing down your niche and becoming clear on what exactly you have to offer does NOT mean you have to turn away clients.

Clients will search for what exactly is bothering them BUT you know they could use help in a few different areas and that will all come up as you start working with them.

They do need to be able to find you and that is what matters in the online space.


You do not need to have loads and years of experience to work with clients.  There are clients out there that need your guidance and knowledge.

Once you become clear on who you work with and what you can share the most knowledge about, you can start writing content.  Adding content to your website will rank you hiring within Google and give you a better chance of having your ideal find you!

Your turn! Tell me what niche you have chosen and why!

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