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Working as a health coach, you have a lot to think about.  One of the things that you need to consider is how you will work with clients and how you will store all of their information.  Your client’s personal information is confidential and private and therefore it needs to be properly protected.  In this post, I am sharing my opinions while giving a Practice Better Review to help you decide if it is the right platform for you.

I am not compensated in any way for this review.  Having spent a great deal of time researching and trying various platforms with similar features I thought that I could save you time.  I hope to provide you with a thorough Practice Better review so that you can see why I feel it is the most suitable for my needs.


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Why Do You Need A Health Platform

Think about everything that you will need to run your health coaching business professionally.  Personally, in the beginning, I was so consumed with research and getting clients that I was overwhelmed with how much work was involved in starting an online business.

That does not mean that you cannot start and run your own health coaching business.  It means that there is a learning curve just like any other business.  I didn’t have the funds to hire someone else to set up my website, create custom food plans for me or create content and I think these things need to be done on your own to know your business.

Take your WordPress site as an example.  It may sound like a great idea to delegate that out to a professional.  That is until you realize that they set everything up in Javascript.  That way you cannot work on the site yourself in a basic way.  You end up paying for every edit or change instead of a basic set up.  I have heard people spending thousands stuck in this rut…

Someone may say that they can set up your site in a way that you will be able to work with it.  The downside to that is once you receive access you realize you have to learn it all anyway.  In my opinion, save the heartache and set it up yourself.  It is easy and I can show you how in my course if you are interested.

There are thousands of instructional youtube videos that will show you as well.  The real main difference for paying for a course is that it provides an all in one easy format.  That way you can follow it through step by step.  I find that although I can find everything I need online, courses save me a ton of time searching.


Related:  My course is called Health Coach Creator if you want to check it out and see if it suits your needs.


Why You Don’t Want Various Platforms

You may find bits and pieces of what you need on various platforms as well.  I did this with the marketing end.  When I set out, I found one platform for email, another for funnels, another for video and so on.  I ended up spending a ton of time and effort learning each one.  Finally, I found Kartra and decided to test out the free trial.  I won’t lie, I have a love/hate relationship with Karta.  Like WordPress, it has a learning curve that I hated but once I knew it I found that it suited all of my needs.  Transferring my e-mail list to Kartra and being able to use one platform for everything marketing ended up being cheaper as well.

I am using these other examples to support why I think it is so important to have one platform for all of your health client needs.  Not only does it look more professional, but it is also more professional.  Everything is gathered and organized in one area.  Your client has enough to think about that your goal is to make their experience with you as easy as you can.


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What To Look For In A Health Platform

The big factor is protection.  We will take a look at all of the reasons that you really do need to have a professional health portal:

  • Protection
  • HIPPA Certified
  • A Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Billing/ Invoicing
  • Recipes
  • Protocol area
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Food recommendations
  • Detox recommendations
  • Supplement section
  • Programs and Memberships
  • Ease of Use
  • Ability to sync Fullscript


Think from user experience as you go through the various platforms that are available to you.  If you look through the lens of your potential client, ask yourself if you would like to be sent on a mouse trail to find the content being sent to you?  Would it confuse you to receive emails from various platforms vs one?  What would you like to see if it were you working with a health coach?


Protection For Your Clients

You need to protect yourself and your work as well as the client’s privacy.  There are several factors to consider.  If you factor in all of the various areas of client interaction you will find that you need a fairly robust program.  One of the qualities that I am going to cover in this Practice Better review is that the platform allows for client signature.

This was one of my largest concerns when I took on my first client.  I found a workaround by signing up for platforms that allowed for signature.  Then I would email back and forth but then I had to come up with a solution to where to properly store the contracts or agreements…

Practice Better allows me to simply create a contract, send, have it signed and securely stores it for me!  This was a dream come true business-wise for me.  I had worked in offices and schools for years so I am well versed in all the details of manual hands-on filing but this online availability was exactly what I needed!


Practice Better Review


According to the HIPAA Journal:

HIPAA compliance involves fulfilling the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, its subsequent amendments, and any related legislation such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

Why is HIPPA important?

HIPPA has two main focus points.  One is to allow employees to still receive health coverage if they had lost a job and were currently looking for another.  The second focus is the main concern for us as health coaches, as it is privacy protection.

The HIPAA Journal has a comprehensive checklist that you can read over to learn more.  They also have a great article on whether Facebook messenger is HIPPA compliant, in the article, you will see that they do not feel it is and why.

Depending on your location, you will have different rules regarding what you are and are not allowed to do as a health coach.  Knowing what your area’s terms and laws are is crucial to succeeding.  Every State has different rules and terms as you can see here for reference.  I am NOT a lawyer, if you are unsure about your own you should connect with a lawyer in your area that can answer those questions for you.

My decision to find and use a health platform that was HIPPA certified came down to wanting to protect myself and my client’s as much as possible.  Again, you will need to talk to a lawyer that is well versed in this field to gain further knowledge about the specific scope that they allow you to do as a health coach.  If you work online then you want to make sure that you have your website legally protected as well with proper disclaimers and forms.


Practice Better Review Of Scheduling

How are potential clients going to book a session with you?  When I first started I was giving out my email or having people send me private messages and that is not the professional level that I was trying to achieve.  Of course, it can be done but in the health field please do not do this.

You want a professional platform that can manage, maintain and secure your work from a health standpoint.

There are many platforms that can manage and maintain documents or schedules and organize. YOU need one that can do all of these things PLUS cover all the requirements of being in health.


practice better schedule


Waivers, Forms, and Documents?

Waivers, forms, and documents were a huge concern for me.  Obviously, these are everyday areas that you will need.  Having the portal to store create all of these forms are invaluable for my health business.

  • How would I have clients sign forms?
  • How would I save documents or share them with a client?
  • Safe and logical place to store all the documents?
  • Was this space even available in this on-line world?
  • How can I write session notes and store them?

The client can even upload forms for me to review which is fantastic as well.


Practice Better Review of forms and waivers


We live in a world of technology.  Everyone expects to have access to everything online and their health is no different.

A portal is really just a fancy term for an area where everything is contained.  Having all of your clients’ information, protocol, recipes, billing and allowing your client access to this portal is a very professional way to go about your business.  You will find now that almost all labs and health offices are offering a client access portal.  This allows for extreme ease of use for your client as well as yourself.

Billing/ Invoicing

I always say that without making money, you have an expensive hobby.  Obviously, you desire to help people but you still have bills to pay.  Having your invoices on the same platform as your scheduling allows you to accept payment before the client books.  That is huge because you won’t be left without payment after the session is done.


Here is my affiliate link if you would like to try Practice Better out for your business!


You can find platforms that offer complete recipes to give your clients or you can create your own recipes.  Admittedly, when I first saw that I could pay for done-for-you recipes online, I was sold.  I bought several, and they aren’t cheap nor should they be with the amount of work put into them. However, I ran into issues immediately…

The only time that I suggest that you go ahead with done-for-you recipes and outlines is with content that is generic.  For example a weight loss challenge, a Gaps month or a Fod-Map awareness week.  Where a client just wants to learn about a specific area or has a specific goal and has no awareness yet that they may be sensitive still to half the food items that those recipes use.


practice better recipes added

For instance, let’s say that you purchase a fantastic done-for-you juicing cleanse catered to weight loss off of someone selling these items online.  The ingredients are all healthy and organic.  Each juice requires celery as which is useless to a client that is actually high oxalate and will likely do more harm than good.

Here is my issue with paid done-for-you recipes, workouts, protocols, etc.  If you are serious about helping individuals than you already know that there is no such thing as buying something that is already done…

Why?  Because even if the recipes are all dairy, sugar and/or gluten-free, your specific client’s needs are far more than that.


Protocol area

The reason that people come to you as a health coach is for help.  In order to help your client in the best way possible, you will need to write up a custom protocol that you then suggest they follow.  Practice Better allows you to do just that.


practice better protcol area

Lifestyle suggestions

You cannot claim to diagnose or heal as a health coach.  However, you will have several lifestyle suggestions for your client.  Whether it is setting a better sleep schedule, waking up earlier, incorporating yoga or meditation you need an area that you can organize all of your recommendations and Practice Better allows you to do that in a way that the reader will find useful.


Food recommendations

Of course, food is a huge factor when working as a health coach.  You may have a different title depending on what your organization provided you.  Mine is, Holistic Nutritional Clinical Practitioner, regardless of your title; food is a huge area in which you will address your clients.

Having the right education is key and being able to tell your client if you are the right person to help them is what will, in fact, make you successful.  I am not the right fit for everyone and neither are you.  You may want or even think that you can help everyone but that attitude will only result in a lack of business.


practice better food database


Knowing your own knowledge of food and being honest with your own level of expertise is what will attract the right clients to you.  Being able to say to a client, “I suggest that you don’t follow that crazy healthy craze because it is hight candida or oxalates” for example.  Knowing that you will only focus on Gaps will make you an expert in that area which will draw in the right clients for you.

What I am getting at is when it comes to food make sure that you are able really to focus on what you know and recognize what you don’t know.

There are a ton of “health coaches” online that have extremely limited expertise in the food realm that work with clients and doing more harm than good in my personal opinion.


Detox recommendations

Clients love this area of the platform.  It is all about self-care in a way.  Epsom salt baths, sauna or scrubs.  Maybe it is reading to calm the vagus nerve forming better functional detox pathways.  The detox regime should, in my opinion, provide a sense of self-care and peace.

Detox is about out with the unwanted to make room for homeostasis and that comes through inner peace as much as it does through the actual substance.

Having a detox section is a must for me in my work with clients.  I like how practice better offers all of these options whether it is a protocol for a one-on-one client or for group membership.


Supplement section

The supplement section is one of my favorite areas.  You can add supplements as you go or pull from the database selection.  I add my recommendations here but I also integrate Fullscript.  For each client that I work with, I create a custom supplement plan.


Practice Better Review supplement area

Programs and Memberships

I have set up and run a group program in Practice Better and the clients loved the flow and ease.  They also like that they can be held accountable as I was able to select a done by date in which they would check off once complete.

Any form of accountability for the client is a huge plus and they will be the first to tell you that.  It is so easy to let life get in the way, to skip an Epsom salt bath or grab that take out on the way out the door.

Having an active accountability area can be one of the reasons why a client signs up for your program.


Practice Better Review health membership program

Ease of Use

Again, think of ease of use and flow.  Practice Better allows me to send the client a link to my schedule.  The client then chooses the time and day that best suite their needs, they request the time slot and are automatically signaled for the appropriate payment, once paid, their sot is scheduled.

It doesn’t stop there.  The client then receives their receipt to the e-mail that they provided.  They are then sent out initial appointment forms (again I have these already preset to be triggered in this flow format) and on top of that, the client is sent appointment reminders!



Being a platform it does need to be visually appealing for someone to come back to it on a daily basis.  If you are running a group program or working individually with clients you will require them to be logging, checking in, updating, etc at various times of the day and if your platform is not pleasing to the eye that is one more reason to give them an excuse.

Practice Better is certainly visually appealing and many of my clients like the clean look that it provides.

Ability to sync Fullscript

This was a must for me.  I absolutely love Fullscript.  Not only do they carry an amazing selection of products, but the service also is great, the delivery is fast and I make a commission.  I can set the commission to the amount I feel is fair!

You can set up supplements within Practice Better BUT why would you do that when you don’t receive a commission on it?  Instead, integrate Fulscript with Practice Better and you can do both!  Again, you are running a business and you need to become ok with charging money for your time and services.  I also recommend that you set up various strains of income because you are an entrepreneur and you may not have clients at all times.


fullscript dispensary tammyseedhealth


You have bills to pay and a business to run.  I fully understand that it can be difficult to guide someone through their health journey and then turn around and send them a bill.  I felt like I was being a bad person honestly.

Once, I received an e-mail telling me that I do not truly want to help others or else I wouldn’t be charging.  It completely deflated me receiving that e-mail, I remember the day perfectly.  Set out to help people, I was giving away hours of my time for free already, I had no money coming in.  I had been unhealthy myself in the past and didn’t have the funds to pay for help… It hit me hard and left me second-guessing myself.

It took time and a great deal of mindset to get into a balance of giving and receiving and feeling ok with that!



Practice Better offers a free trial.  I suggest that you give it a try for yourself and see if it is suitable for your needs.  The support is incredible and that is not the case with all platforms.  I have e-mailed them several times with various questions and every time they are fast to et back to me with a thorough answer.  Of course, I appreciate that in a platform very much.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Practice Better.  How long did you try it for, are you still using it or just thinking of trying it out?

Let me know if I missed anything that you really love about it or even if there is something that you are not fond of.  It helps to share your own experience to help others!


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