3 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Online Health Coaching Business

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Every start up goes through a growing period and mine was no different.  I researched, followed gurus, listened to podcasts and everything that I was supposed to be doing I was doing…  I made many mistakes but here are 3 mistakes to avoid when starting an online business.


3 mistakes to avoid when starting an online business


1st Mistake To Avoid When Starting An Online Business

Don’t follow everyone else’s business plan.  In the beginning, I was following everyone’s advice.  In so many groups that my head was spinning.  I was asking all the questions to all different people that I thought were successful and implementing all of their suggestions.

I learnt that every business model is successful for different reasons and they all follow a slightly different strategy.

The thing that I learnt was failing because I had no business strategy of my own.  I had no consistency in my own business because I was so busy following bits and pieces of other people’s advice.  Nothing was wrong with what I was doing, but because non of it was consistent, I was getting no where.

Something that I found useful was to write down all the different strategies that I was learning along the way and then creating a plan that I could follow.

In the beginning, I recommend that you keep your job if you have one.  That was one thing that I did right.  You spend a ton of hours building your business in the beginning while not making any money, so it is important that you have your finances in place.

I hate to see when coaches or guru’s suggest that if you want it enough or manifest it, it will come…  While that sounds lovely, it is often the reason why so many fail.


starting a health coaching business in 2020


The thing to realize is that building an online business takes time.  It is not like going to a job and getting paid for those specific hours.  Some do build up their business faster than others but I feel that for most it takes time.  Building and starting a business also comes with lots of ups and downs and that is something to consider as well.  Are you ok knowing that finances are not consistent in the beginning and tend to ebb and flow.

The benefits out way the cons in my opinion BUT it certainly is not for everyone.

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2nd Mistake To Avoid When Starting An Online Business

Not narrowing down your ideal client and niche.  In the beginning I wanted to work with everyone.  I was so driven and passionate that I truly thought that I could be successful with this.  

My bubble was burst quickly.  I spent far too much time researching, customizing and figuring out how to make regimes for clients and I was also trying to figure our how to market what I was doing.

You need to be visible on line so that you can gain consistent clients and that requires a clear message.  I had no clear message because I was trying to work in too many areas at the same time.  No one was seeing me as an expert in anything.


simple steps to choosing a niche


Your pitch becomes the essence of your business.  It represents you!  Truthfully, I couldn’t create a solid “pitch” for my business in the beginning.  By pitch, I mean who you work with and what you help them with.

When it came to writing my pitch on paper or on my site for that matter, I had these incredibly long and complicated paragraphs trying to explain what I do.

Clarity was indeed missing and that is not good in the online space.  No one is sitting at Google search bar ready to type a long winded paragraph.

Plus, Google didn’t see me as an expert in anything in particular.  I had countless posts on my blog but non of them had a greater connection.  They were well written and informative but they didn’t target an audience and that is important to rank.

Figuring out who is on the other side of the laptop and what they are typing in the search bar makes a massive difference.   I also saw a big difference in who I was working with.  I was also more excited to work everyday because I knew exactly who I was aiming to speak to when I wrote my posts.


3rd Mistake To Avoid When Starting An Online Business

All Research And Little Action.  When it came to marketing my business I was so consumed with research and figuring what everyone else was doing that I wasn’t taking any action.  I spent countless hours reading and bouncing from one thing to the next.

I finally realized that I needed to implement the strategies.  Create a list of the actionable steps that you will take to move your business forward.  Here is what mine looked like in the beginning:

  1. Get your website up and going
  2. Post a new blog post once a week
  3. Answer all comments on your posts (delete all spam)
  4. Choose 2-3 fonts that you will consistently use
  5. Create templates that can be re purposed
  6. Chose the platforms that you will post to and how often you will post
  7. Create a schedule

Do one thing every single day to continue moving your business forward.  Dedicate a period on time for research, an hour a day or one day a week.  I started to listen to SEO podcasts and motivational podcasts while I was working out a the gym.  This was awesome, I would fit in my work out, not feel guilty about not working and was learning so much!

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Get You Website Up and Going

This can seem overwhelming but it is not that bad once you give yourself 2-4 weeks to get to know the WordPress platform.  To get your domain and hosting set up and even learn about WordPress, you can follow my step-step instruction at The Health Coach Creator Course.

Once your site is up and running, start posting right away.  Publish your site as soon as you have one post written.  It takes Google a long time to recognize you so publish right away to build your domain authority.  Aim to write one new post a week.  Some people write 2 posts a week and honestly, I think the more important thing is quality over quantity and consistency.



No matter where you are at in your business, you will always find there is trial and error.  One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you is to become ok with failing.

See it as winning or learning, rather than failing.  With business, you must be willing to ride out the ebbs and flows and knowing that many business’s take 2-5 years to see real development.

Write out a list of what task you feel will develop your specific business that most and then focus on implementing at least one of those things every single day.

Listen to podcasts or Youtube video on how you can add new ideas or build on what you are doing while you are driving or cooking dinner.  Keep your learning light and enjoyable!

Your turn!  What advice can you give to someone on something that you feel could be avoided?

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