– For Women Struggling With Chronic Health –

Do you need help with:   foods/supplements/detoxing/lifestyle/mindset?

Absolutely exhausted ALL the time?   

Feeling alone?  Overwhelmed?

Wondering if you will EVER feel yourself again? 

Mast Cell, Lyme, SIBO, Candida, Oxalates ect

Bloated, headaches, dark circles under your eyes? 


Need someone who understands and can show you tools to balance?

Has food become the ENEMY?

“I am passionate about helping women strengthen their nervous system through various

techniques while using my intuition to guide them”. 

I believe that healing the nervous system is the key to allowing the body to be able to heal. 

Intuitive Guidance – Live Video – Interaction 

Group Support – Accountability


“You’ve helped me grow in ways I had forgotten I was capable of. I really enjoyed our 1on1 and the accountability. You would encourage me, support me, and call me out in the most productive way so I could wrap my head around things and push through boundaries. You told me that I could break through block  and work again… Something I really didn’t think I could do anymore.

Well, i’m on week 4 of my new job and loving it! Whenever I feel overwhelmed I know it is temporary and that i’m very capable of pushing through. I know I can and you’ve helped me with that mindset!”  🤗💞
Kimberly Lester


Private Group!
2 Weekly Intuitive Threads!
1 Weekly live video
 Weekly Homework!
 Accountability and motivation!
 1st to hear about and receive discounts for
 Intuitive session, programs and courses!


Guidance, support and an opportunity to know others understand!


There simply is nothing more powerful that a group of like minded women.


Learn through live video, intuitive threads, posts and of coarse each other!

Business Owner and Medical Instructor.  I use my education, years of research, INTUITION and testing to help women live the life they have been dreaming of!

Grab a cup of coffee and

come join us!


 Knowing you have a place where everyone is struggling can be such a relief when it feels like absolutely no one understands what you                  are dealing with. 

Investment in health of ONLY $45.00/mth

grab a copy of my FREE  health mindset course!

Not ready to join a program just yet? 

That is ok, you can always start with some mindset work on your own!

Why?  Because it is amazing! and FULL of content to help you stay grounded while dealing with whatever symptoms that you are struggling with right now!