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…Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Oh My…


Once someone has narrowed down that they need a certain supplement, how the heck do they decide which one to choose?

It is so hard with all of the products available to know which ones are the best quality and furthermore, if they even contain the ingredients that they state…

Here are some TIPS to help you out.


1.  Test It!

There is a neat test that you can do at home to see if a supplement is breaking down the way it should. The supplement must dissolve properly or really, why bother even taking it? So, just put the supplement into a cup of body temperature water, which is roughly 99 degrees.

Do this while watching a good show because it needs to be stirred for about 30 minutes (stuff doesn’t sit still in your body once you swallow it after all)… The other key is to try and keep the water at the 99 degrees (again, your innards stay the same temp roughly). At the end of 30 minutes, the supplements should have broken apart/down and now a powder or fully dissolved.

During that time, the pill should completely break apart, with its contents either turning to a powder or dissolving in the water. If you do this with a chewable, enteric-coated or timed-release pills it won’t really work for obvious reasons…


2. Check out the bottle for a third-party certification:

A third party certification indicates that the supplement has undergone quality testing as well as provides reviews and confirms ingredients.


3. Check wording:

Wording like “proprietary” formulas/blends.

Those are the words that tell you that the company does not need to tell you how much of each ingredient is in that product and that can be dangerous… and also a waste of your time and money if you are looking for a specific ingredient.


I challenge you to take a look at your current supplements and give these 3 steps a try.  I even made a easy to follow worksheet for you that will give you a lay out to follow! 

You can access that right below, just tell me where to send it!


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