How to Make Money As A Health Coach

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Are you thinking about becoming a health coach?

Are you in school on your way to becoming a health coach?

Have you been in the health coaching field for a long time

Have you been thinking about slowing down as a health coach?

This read is for you if you relate to any of the above.


how to make money as a health coach


Becoming a health coach involves a great deal of emotional commitment.  I didn’t realize just how much until I had taken on too many clients at a time.  I knew that I wanted to work with difficult cases in the sense that the client had tried many things to get well already but I didn’t know in the beginning exactly what my programs would look like or what I would be offering.

As I started working with clients, my passion grew.  I wanted to give them more and more guidance and support.  With that came my own exhaustion BUT that is for another post.

What I realized is that I needed additional streams of income to financially be where I wanted.  Even when I was fully booked and charging a high level for my services, I wanted to be financially secure.

Meaning, when I didn’t have a booked schedule that I still had money coming in.

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How Do You Make Money As A Health Coach

The key in my opinion is to have different streams of income.  


You are now working in the online space and with that comes reliance on platforms.  You don’t own any social media platforms which means if something goes belly up, well, your business may too…

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ect cannot be your only source of revenue that drives clients to your website and therefor to you.


Check out this video where I show you how to create a Facebook group and WHY Facebook groups are important! Health Coach Creator Course!



There are many guru’s that will tell you to learn one platform only.  That absolutely works and I say, do what works for you BUT not every strategy works for everyone or every business model.

To be honest, this is what I did after listening to various podcasts and countless reading posts but it wasn’t until I started being present on various platforms that I saw a real difference in my business growth.

Again, not all strategies work for everyone or every business.  Often we spend way more time researching what we should be doing to be successful rather than actually doing the work needed to be successful.


Money Making Options:

  1. One on One sessions
  2. Group programs
  3. Memberships
  4. Courses
  5. Website ads
  6. Amazon links on your content/posts


One one One sessions

This is my favorite way to work with clients and make money.  Working as a coach you get the opportunity to make your own hours.  Even if you are still working a 9-5 type job, you can decide how much/often you work.

Working one on one is where I felt the most reward.  Depending on how you decide to set up your programs, you get the opportunity to really get to know someone and watch their transformation.

You set goals with them, strategize and guide them on their journey.  It can be an emotional journey and that is always my favorite part of working with clients.  Being able to say, I get it. I have been there or I know exactly what you mean right when someone really needs to hear it is such a blessing.


Group Programs

Group programs are fun!  They have an ease to them in my opinion.  The key is the clients that sign up. They have to be willing to do the work and not just like the sound of the work.  That goes for everything that you offer though.  

I tried out several online health platforms and switched everything over to Practice Better.  It is easy to use, intuitive, has invoicing, templates and is HIPPA certified. It has many more features and everything that I need to run a fluid health coaching business. I also like that I can integrate Full Script with it and create customized supplement regimes for my clients.



Memberships are great for once you are more established.  I ran my first membership after about one year in business. I had enough of a following that it was an easy option to put into place.

You want a following or have enough finances to run Ads if you don’t have a following because the whole concept of a membership to have members participate.

You can run all sorts of memberships:

  • Meal plans
  • 6 day detox
  • 3 month lifestyle challenge
  • Health and a positive mindset
  • Specific to your niche such as Women’s health or balancing the gut

The best part of having a membership is that you have monthly income coming in.  I set up my membership in Kartra but you can use Practice Better for that as well.  I recommend that you have both Kartra and Practice Better but I will get into that more in another post.


set up a membership sign


I taught medical for a decade at College level so the opportunity to teach again was exciting for me.  Content creation was my specialty so I was in my zone when it came to creating courses.  

Creating a course is only half on the challenge when it comes to courses.  Marketing is the other half. If no one is looking at your course, it doesn’t matter how fantastic the content in the course is…

Again, having a following here is helpful but not necessary.  There are many platforms that you can use to create a course, I tried a few but my favorite and the one that I currently use is called Kartra.  The fact that I can do so many different things in Kartra is what made me decide to cancel several other platforms so I could do everything on this one.  

You can also set up an affiliate section with Kartra if you use it and that will allow others to recommend and market your course.  Typically, you offer a 30% commission for the sale.  It can seem like a huge loss in the beginning but think about the money heading to your account that you did nothing to market.


Website Ads

This is where posting and SEO come in big time.  In order to get ads that actually are worth having, as in pay well, you need to have so many page views monthly.

Depending on the ad company, it varies but the ones that pay more expect more eyes on their ads which make sense.

As a general rule, you want to wait until you have enough monthly page views before applying.  

Remember that ads can be an eye sore and many people may not stay on your site if it is full of ads.  Especially if the ads have no relation to your site topic…

If you have a following and return visitors to your site then they will often look past the ads since they know that your information is really good!



I love Amazon but again you need a following in my opinion before applying.  The reason is that you have to have 3 sales from your links within a certain period of time and if you are just starting and not getting eyes on your site then no one is clicking on links to order anything.

That said, you can re apply if they remove your account.  Amazon also has something called one-link where you can link more than one account.  That means if you know that your readers are mostly US, you can have a Canadian and a US account so that when the reader clicks on the Amazon link, it will automatically take them to the US Amazon site.

I also like how easy Amazon is to use and the rules are well laid out for you to follow.  They do have certain criteria that you must follow but it is easy to implement.

I know many bloggers that have replaced their monthly income through only Amazon.  I have not got there yet but that is another goal as it is great passive income.

A few bloggers I have chatted with have mention a huge decline in income once they started doing really well as Amazon lowered their rates.  Again, why I suggest using multiple platforms and having various income streams.

If one of the platforms changes algorithm or shuts down for whatever reason, you won’t be scrambling to pay your mortgage…



There are multiple ways that you can earn an income as a health coach.  It does take some time to get enough content on your site and to get recognized by Google as an expert.  Once that happens, more readers will see your site and you will have revenue coming in automatically through your multiple streams.  That way, if you love one on one work, you can do that while still making money.

If you are not only based online than you have additional sources of gaining income as well.  You can head to local libraries or schools and provide educational talks.  You can be a guest at conferences.  Work one on one in an office or from your home (make sure that you have proper insurance, read this post to learn more about the legal aspects of being an on-line health coach).

You can set up workshops where you are also an affiliate for products that you earn a commission from.  Remember that you should always have something to offer in exchange for e-mail information.  That way you grow your e-mail list full of potential clients that what to learn from you.  You can grab my FREE e-mail templates HERE

Your turn!  I would love to hear from you, what you are doing to grow your business?  What areas are you focusing on that are working for you?  Leave me a comment!

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