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Let’s talk about how to get health coaching clients.  The thing is, no clients equals no income.  Without income, you simply have a hobby.  Honestly, I had no idea what to do once I was officially a Holistic Nutritional Clinical Practitioner.  That is my fancy title for Health and Wellness Coach.

I was so excited to get started and help everyone however, reality kicked in fast and I realized I had no clue how to get health coaching clients…

I had all of this knowledge as a health coach.  I was eager to help everyone and had no one to actually help…


how to get health coaching clients


What I lacked was any business experience.  I had no clue where to begin.  I found myself coming up with one amazing idea, researching what others were doing, trying a few things, failing quickly and repeating that process for a month or so.

After a month, the stress factor kicks in because bills need to be paid.

I put some serious thought into all of the areas that I had only vaguely covered in my program or not covered at all.  I will go through each one and give you tips on how to get health coaching clients with each one.


Stop Trying to Help Everyone While Learning How To Get Health Coaching Clients

This is a huge area that needs to be covered.  You are not met to work with everyone.  To best serve your client, think like the client.  Think about what skill set, knowledge, and even personality you would be looking for in a health provider.  you will likely resonate with people that think and feel similar to yourself.

I thought that I could work with everyone and every issue that they may have.  Realistically, that held me back for a long time…  People landed on my website and didn’t connect with me because they weren’t looking for guidance on clean eating and tips.

They wanted their specific issue solved and my generic one size fits all approach was not going to cut it.  The truth is that there are so many food and lifestyle bloggers online now, that people can just Google recipes for free.

They don’t need to pay you to tell them that they should eat clean, healthy foods and not smoke…

That being said, if you specialize in a certain food style such as GAPS or are an expert in Celiac or gut health, then you will have them hooked!

Narrow Down Your Niche

When it comes to niche, start with your own experience.  The absolute best way to resonate with a client and truly help them is to teach then and share with them what you went through and how you dealt with it. What did you learn, what did and didn’t work?

Another consideration is if you have someone close to you that went through a difficult journey.  If you are close to the subject matter it will mean more to you and that will show in your work.

When you are thinking about what issue you would like to help people with, factor in your why?  Why is it that you want to focus on hat specific area and why would you be a good person for them to consider working with?


You are welcome to take my FREE course to help you start your health business.

Figure Out Your Ideal Client

It can be tempting to want to work with everyone.  Especially in the very beginning when the bills are coming in or you are still working a 9-5 job and desperately want out of it…

I get it.  I did it and it got me nowhere.  Think like your client.  If you are a menopausal woman, you likely would skip over a website that looks generic to health.  A website that has children, men, elderly posts combined with a few menopausal states is not going to be what you are looking for.  You will stop and read through the website that is 100% focused on menopause and think YES, this is what I need.

Sometimes it takes working with your ideal client to realize that is definitely not your ideal client.  You may think that you want to work with pregnancy but that realizes it really isn’t what you were thinking.  Perhaps, you shift your focus slightly and find the joy that you are seeking.


Work On Your Own Mindset Every Single Day

Every single day, put you before anyone else.  We are taught from birth to think of others first and although that has deep meaning, to give to others is not to give up on your self.

Many get lost in this and I did as well.  I wanted to please others, I was taught that others matter more than I do, to share everything and give always.  I was so burnt out by the time I was on the 5th client that I was dragging myself around.

Clients were on my mind all the time, I wanted to do more and give more.  I would wake up and check my phone for client messages before even saying morning to my kids.  Next, I skipped breakfast to answer e-mails.  Then, I started to buy the healthiest boxed cereal that I could find so that I didn’t waste time making my family a healthy meal.


You can dive into my health mindset course that I offer for FREE to help you stay on track.


I skipped showers to make sure I could squeeze in an extra session with a client.  However, the worst part was that I knew I was doing it and the guilt was overwhelming.  I knew the cortisol was running high and I was close to burnt out so I started to implement mindset strategies.  Then, I realized that I could implement mindset strategies with each client and that was a game-changer for me.

I was living it, teaching it and thriving!

Do Something

When we don’t know what to do or where to start, we can get into the do-nothing trap.  Anxiety and depression can kick in and all we see is the mass amount of stuff that we need or should be doing.  I would have a nice organized list of the countless things that I needed to get done, only to find myself sitting on the couch watching tv.

With my education, I know that this is not something I want to do, I wanted to get everything done but I couldn’t.  This is known as the paralyzed state as I teach it.  We are all familiar with fight and flight reactions.  Paralyze is when you cannot fight or flight and instead you become numb, you do nothing.

Your mind and body are telling you that is is too much.  The brain is on high, cortisol can be either high or low and your adrenals are telling you that you need to pay attention to your own health and mindset.

Say NO to the Wrong Fit

Each time my gut told me to not take on a client and I did anyway, it failed.  I knew that they were not going to follow my guidance and or not pay me for my time.

Once I took on a client that told me she would do everything that I suggested other than give up fast food…

Seriously, I can’t make that up…  I knew that it wouldn’t work but I wanted to start working with people, I convinced myself that I could change her mind and I needed the money.  We all have bills to pay.

I took on clients that each time payment was due, they had a reason that they needed to extend the payment plan.  Now, obviously life can be tough and finances can be heartbreaking when you are working on your health and trying to get well.  How can you pay for service if you are not working BUT you have bills to pay as well.

I once had someone tell me that if I truly cared about people and helping, I wouldn’t change people.  Do not fall into that trap.  The person who said that to me had a full time high paying job and my response was simple, “do you go to work every day for free”?


Create YOUR Program/Offer

It is great to go online and search out what your competitor is offering BUT you need to come up with your own program and offers.  There is no right or wrong way.  Do not fall for gurus who tell you that group programs are the only way or that you have to have levels etc.  That is perhaps what worked for them and that is great but you may very well hate it.

I always did both.  There are pros and cons to both but what I learned was that not whats to work in a group or membership.  Actually, the majority of my clients have no problem paying more to work with me individually.  Health is a private matter and many don’t want to share it with others in a group setting.

Now, there are great situations where a group setting is perfect, such as a challenge but challenges are more generic so you want to make sure that you have a set goal and intention that people want and need.  You can run a Keto challenge for example but remember that most people want customizing approaches.  A generalized health challenge can be a great start point but eventually, each person is individual and requires an individual plan.


group, one one one, membership programs tammyseedhealth

Offer FREE Intro Calls

Free sessions were something that I only offered on two occasions.    The first, when I started out and needed testimonies.  I offered a few free 90 min calls in exchange for a short testimony that I could use in my Facebook group, page, social media and on my website.  The other thing that I did was offer a 90-minute session as a gift on the odd occasion.  This was a fun experience for my Facebook group and kept engagement.

The free session was also for me.  I believe that when you give, you receive and in the concept of giving.  After I was making enough each month to cover all my bills and my time.  I decided to offer so many free calls and draw a name for the winner of the call each year.

It was fun for me and as a bonus, most of the calls turned into 1-1 clients.  Offering free introduction calls that are 15-30 minutes in length was not something that I did.  Typically, I find that I need 60-90 minutes to have decent chat with someone.  I tried a 20-minute call once and ended up on a 60-minute call and felt drained and used.



This one can be tough…  Even though I spent day after day speaking in front of a class and presenting to large crowds, I was so nervous going on video.

It met that it would be in front of the world.  Talking to everyone but no one while you record a video was the strangest thing to me.  You are in a room alone talking to a camera, there is no one to directly speak to, no reactions to read or questions to answer.

Yet again though, doing videos was a huge game-changer for me.  I saw a massive increase in traffic and engagement.  especially, when I went live on Facebook and my group could ask questions on the spot.  My audience loved that.

Try loom to record some videos.  It can be a bit finicky for me so you can also use your phone and upload your video to Youtube to edit it.  If you click on the Youtube link you will see a video I have done.

All those questions gave me more content to write about as well and post on my website or on my social media.  My ideal audience was giving me questions that I could specifically answer for them and that build like, know, trust and authority.

What Makes You Different

What makes you different than the thousands of other health coaches available?  Why would someone hire you over your competition?  Is it that you specialize in a certain area?  Do you have a fun personality?

Personally, what made me different was my intuition.  I can read people very well and that gives me a leg up against the competition.  I can analyze a client and their needs quickly and efficiently and that saves them time and money and leads to their improvement.

Having a decade of teaching health experience that came with having to build a curriculum was another strength that I had.  It was easy for me to create programs, custom plans and formate it in a digestible way for the client.

Write down what makes you different and make sure that your client knows what it is.  Do you have on your website why they should hire you?  Do they understand what you have to offer and what it is about you that can provide them the most success?


Use Your Experience

My belief is that you go through all things in life for a purpose that is far greater than you.  When you use your own experience, you relate to your client in a way that only you can do.  That is extremely powerful.  Show your client that you too are human, that you have in fact suffered and you have been where they are now.

Sharing your experience helps the client like, know and trust you as well.  Emotion, life, and connection are powerful when it comes to being able to guide someone in their journey.

Always, make sure that you are properly protected as well by having appropriate insurance.  Sometimes when we relate to someone with our own experience and how we found our way to feeling well again, we give a false impression.   You want to remember to enforce that you cannot guarantee anything of course but that you hope you can provide them with guidance so they can achieve their goals.

Help First

Helping first for the longest time felt like I was giving everything away for free.  As an entrepreneur, the fact is no one is going to pay you before knowing who you are and what you have to offer.  The only way that they can get to know you is through what you put out there for them to see.

For me, it felt like if I answered questions for free that I would have nothing left to offer and they wouldn’t need me anyway.  You can set boundaries and still provide.  You can open a Q and A for 60 mins for example. Potential clients can get to know you and get a feel for how you work and what you do.  At the end of 60 minutes, you provide your link to your schedule where they can book a session with you!

If you feel like you are being used, take a step back and come up with some boundaries.  Then provide as much help as you can within those boundaries.  Make it clear that you will provide a booking link or provide your e-mail for anyone that would like to chat further.


Listen and Repeat

I taught horseback riding for years and a student once said to me that it would help her if I would listen and repeat.  She was a public school teacher that worked with disabled children and this was a technique that she used on a daily basis.

I started this practice that day and have never stopped.  Listen and repeat has helped me in both my personal and professional life.  It has helped me in negative and positive situations with people as well.

I once had a student argue a grade that she didn’t earn.  So, I listened to her and carefully repeated back to her what she was asking of me.  When she heard me repeat exactly what I heard her say, it was clear to her that she was asking something unfair of me.

With clients, I always start out asking what exactly they would like from me during their time with me.  I carefully listen and repeat it back to them.  The sentence starts with “what I hear you saying is _______________.”  This provides clarity on both ends and an opportunity for them to add or change what they said.


Ask Them What They Want

Ask your potential client what it is that they want.  Such a simple question and yet when is the last time a health professional asked you, what you wanted to form them.  Make it clear that you care about their expectations and desires.

What do they want to achieve during their 60-minute session, their 3-month protocol or specifically from you?  This allows you to hear where they are at and what they expect.  If you feel that you cannot or are not comfortable with what it is that they want, you can then address it.

You can decide to carry on or let them know that you are not a good fit for what they are looking for.  When a client tells me what they want I write it down and that becomes the goal.  I use a portal through Practice Better, and send them the type copy of my notes including this goal so that they are held accountable.

Don’t Sell

When a client is a good fit, you do not need to be sales.  No one wants to be sold to, especially when it comes to their health.  This is why it is important that you are spending time building your business through posts, video, podcasts, ect.  Your ideal client should want to work with you not be sold on working with you.

You want them to resonate with what you do and what you have to offer.  If you provide enough free content that allows them to get to know you, they will simply book a call because you have put that time and effort into showing yourself online and building a presence.




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