How I Got Rid Of Yeast Infections!

Yeast infections plagued me for numerous years, lead to surgery and left me feeling hopeless and helpless.  Years later I finally found relief!  Life changing would be an understatement.  Life saving is my description!  I want to share what helped me so much.  I’ve partnered with Global Health Trax to share my story and how Threelac helped me!

I realize how extreme that sounds.  I know many people that have not suffered chronic health issues may think it impossible for something like this to help me so much.  

Some will suspect or insist that I am simply trying to sell a product.  Admittedly, the product that I am talking about I do support and I am an affiliate BUT I became an affiliate almost a decade after it helped me so much.

A lot of women suffer from yeast infections.  Some have had one and some have had many.  



I remember a few times trying to explain just how bad my yeast infections were and women actually rolling their eyes at me.  One friend told me that it’s just part of being a girl and no biggy…

My heart felt like it was crumbling as I not only was trying to get my friends and family to understand but my healthcare team was not paying any more attention to my pleas.

  • The infections started when I was 15 years old…  
  • The only time I speak about this whole journey is in my private Facebook group.  In full transparency the reason is embarrassment
  • I am human…


closed eye with tear


I went to the doctors when I got my first yeast infection, she did a culture, told me to go ahead and use over the counter cream and they would confirm for sure in 1-2 days.  The next day they called and confirmed that it was yeast.

I wasn’t thrilled but knowing no better, used the cream and it went away.

Until 2-3 months later and the yeast infections were back.  I went back and repeated the same steps. That continued until I was 16 when they were monthly right after my monthly cycle.  Back and forth I went to the doctor and by then I could have recited what they would say to me. At this point I was giving diflucan and told to take it each month.  

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Only 16 and going to each appointment on my own, I was instinctively uneasy with their reasoning that “some women just get them all the time”.



I saw every doctor that I could within my healthcare team, in and out on a regular basis, they all recited the same spiel.

Some would tell me the basics, wear cotton white underwear, don’t wear a swimsuit after swimming don’t use hot tubs, eat yogurt and take your Diflucan.


question mark


Disheartened and uncertain I did as instructed to help deal with the yeast infections. I went on like this until I was 18 years old when they just wouldn’t go away anymore.

Writing this is a trigger as some will be aware that suffering chronically can cause anguish on the soul.  The journey seems relentless, long and burdensome as one goes through the trials, the attempts to find answers, the up and downs, remedies, medications etc.

By this time I had on going Diflucan as doctors suggested no longer coming in and to simply take my pill. I called when it didn’t go away and the suggestion was take another.  I did as instructed once again and not only did it not go away, it got increasingly worse.

Day after day it got worse.  The more I tried to explain what was happening to friends or family the more they looked at me as though I was weak.  “I mean… it is just yeast” I remember a specific family member saying as I turned to them for support.

I went to the doctor and after years of every single swab showing positive, it was negative.  Her answer, you don’t have yeast.

Even writing this, I pause, that is what my heart did that day.  




I asked what to do and she said nothing.  ALl of your cultures and tests are fine. Nothing is wrong with you.

Shock?  Confusion?  Numb?

Those are the best descriptive words that I have for how I walked out of that appointment.

The fact that my labs were fine and her expertise was I had nothing didn’t stop all the same symptoms that I was familiar with, other than now EVERY single day.

After seeing what felt like every doctor in the office, I even resorted to a trip to the ER…  Yup, I thought maybe they would have more extensive tests that could be run…

Lonely, young and so confused,  I tried researching and saw that found could be a factor although at the time their was not a lot to be found on it.  I decided to starve myself of all sugar, I essentially starved myself.

I thought if I don’t eat, it has to go away if yeast does in fact feed off sugar.  

It failed…  I was down to 90 some pounds and no further ahead.

I essentially pleaded with my doctor to be seen by a specialist.  I am sickened now that I was not referred to specialists long before when I think back but I was so young and had no knowledge or awareness of my options.



She agreed to refer me and I was thrilled, absolutely certain that I would be all better as soon as I got seen.  I waited the disgustingly long period of time that we do when feeling our worst and was told exactly the same thing.

In fact, the gynecologist was rough and rude.  She told me that all my labs were normal and that she could not explain why I had yeast like looking white discharge…  Yup, did I mention why I never shared this story in such a public manner.

I was trying so hard to work while all of this was happening,  I literally had become so ras that I could barely walk, the pain was unreal.  My boyfriend, now husband was great but as you can only assume this was no fun for our relationship.

After another attempt with my family doctor she asked me how my mindset was.  I was so angry, I answered by telling her I wanted a second specialists opinion.  She agreed BUT made it very clear that you only get 2…. REALLY???

Another several months pass and I got into see another gynecologist.  At this point I went to each appointment trembling, sick to my stomach and lost.

The most amazing thing happened.  The doctor walked in examined me and within a millisecond he said you have yeast.  I was thrilled and confused. He said you have a super strain and you never should have been on years of antifungals. 

After the exam, I got dressed and he came back in and chatted with me for a long while.  A real conversation, a real person talking to me.

He answered all of my questions and I had so many.  He explained that I had developed a super strain and become resilient to the meds that they had been given.  Unfortunately, the solution that we decided on was aggressive and again I was uneducated.  BUT, I had hope for the first time in as long as I could remember.


blue flower


I was put on 4 Nystatin a day for a long period of time and high doses of garlic and told to eat loads of yogurt and no sugar.  This didn’t change anything for me. I was washing every time I peed with baking soda rinse and nothing was helping. I was then put on 2 Keteconozole a day and at is tough on the liver.  I was on them for around 2 years BUT they took the yeast infections away. 

They took away the discharge but the pain, the pain was so bad.  I still had trouble walking and wore pants 2 sizes to big.

The specialist said that I would need surgery.  What?

I had scar tissue left from years of the yeast damaging the tissue.  I was terrified and that is an understatement.

I went ahead with the surgery and the recovery I compare to similar to childbirth now that I have that to compare to.

It helped so much, after a long healing period I was able to walk so much more comfortably.  I was still on the meds though and that lasted a while.

Finally, I had to take 3 month sick leave from work.  I realized during that period that I really should have taken time off way earlier and that I knew very little about health.

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I started to research and became obsessed with finding a way to get off the meds.  Every time that I tried to even reduce ever so slowly, the feelings of yeast would be right back.  I tried diets, supplements and various remedies.

They all likely helped or didn’t in different ways but none were helping in a way that I could stop the meds.  I decided to look even more into probiotics and non worked.

I am sure that they may have been doing some good for my gut but non were helping on the level that I needed for this super strain that I was maintaining with the meds.

Diet wasn’t enough either and I hate saying that since I believe so much in the power of diet and foods.  That being said I needed something more.

After loads of research, I saw this product, read the reviews good and bad.  I was interested in Threelac but admittedly didn’t order it right away.  I was extremely wary and cautious in all my actions at this point and was becoming my own advocate.

As always, I ran the idea by my husband because I had already been through so much and truly appreciated the feedback.  He listened intently as he did with all the various options I tried or looked into.

I went back and forth to the Threelac website many many times, read and went through everything on the Global Health Trax website.

Finally, I ordered it.  I started it slowly and worked my way up and I felt a notable difference.  I felt stronger, it was a bit hard to explain at the time to be honest. Now, I can tell you that it was my gut healing but then I still lacked knowledge and any that I had was masked by fear.

After a long time on Threelac, I felt like I wanted to try weaning off the meds again and so I broke each tablet into 4 as I always did and started with going down to 3/4 tablet.  

I will tell you that I weaned off at turtle spread, months and months and months.  By the time that I was ready to wean off completely, I was terrified and taking the smallest morsel each day.

This is what the box looks like.  The probiotic comes in small packets.  I love this because it doesn’t need to stay in the fridge and that makes it really easy to travel with.


The incredible thing was that the infections stopped.  As in stopped stopped. Not only did I not get another one when weaning off the heavy meds but once I got the courage to finally stop all meds, still no infections!

If you have suffered with anything chronic health wise than you know that you get to a point where you all but give up…  you start to try to just cope with each day and begin to let go of hope.

I not only had hope but I knew without doubt that the Threelac was what was helping me.  I was still uneducated in how it was keeping my yeast infections away and honestly, I didn’t care.

Now, I know so much more in regards to how Threelac works and how it re-balanced my gut ecosystem but then I was beyond happy to feel like a functional person again.

I will write again about how I fell ill again after the birth or my daughter and how Threelac once again after trying everything else was my answer.  I will also be written another post on the science behind Threelac as well so stay tuned.

To Probiotic or To Not Probiotic… Bacteria and The Gut

To Probiotic or To Not Probiotic… Bacteria and The Gut

Bacteria and The Gut

When I work with a client and it comes to probiotics my answer is never simple.  I use my intuition greatly as well as the clients feedback for clues when it comes to my recommendation for which probiotic would be best suited for them.  Some people, like myself, cannot tolerate any probiotic for a long while into the protocol.  

Many clients that I chat with are under the belief that they must “kill” off all the bad bugs and although we do want to rid the body of many of these culprits, it is not like we can go in with a nerf gun and have at it…

The idea is to push the bad bugs out by increasing the good.  We also want to look at which strains of good bugs do we want to add.  After all, too many good bugs can lead to bad things as well.   We want to think about all of the bi products that all the bacteria create as well as the fact that many of the by products are actually great at keeping inflammation down.

In one article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, according to the book Brain Maker ” These preventive  strategies are already well documented in high-profile scientific literature and can have a radical impact in reducing the incidences of the neurodegenerative illness.  Medical researchers already have knowledge that, if implemented, could slash the number of new Alzheimer’s patients here in the U.S. by more than half”.

What is it that this article was referring to in regards to prevention?  The Gut!

There have also been reports done suggesting that high blood sugar could be a serious factor to development of dementia.  I am talking about high blood sugar that is not considered on the diabetic radar yet.  

I am suggesting that rather than calling in reinforcements to pull the car out of the ditch (medication), perhaps we could slow down and pay more attention to the signs.


This is one product that I really like



Why am I talking about blood sugar when I was talking about the gut?  The same reason that I talk about blood pressure, SIBO or anxiety…  Because they are connected and it is becoming more and more obvious that those with poor gut health are more likely to struggle with all areas of health, including mental health.  

I have been at the bottom, you know that ugly place where you thought you knew what depression is until you are actually experiencing it first hand and let me tell you, it was far from pretty.  Once I was completely submerged in it, I began to really research and see just how connected my gut health was in relation to my mental well being.  I am not a doctor and if you need medication, that is not for me to judge.  I would recommend though that you take a close look at your gut health as well.  

I have also had a long list of symptoms such as depression, IC, IBS, candida, chronic migraines, joint pain and so on.  My point is that almost any symptom can and likely is a direct result of the health of your gut.  There is obviously a lot more to solving the puzzle to your ongoing health concerns and it id not gut a matter of digestion but also absorption among other things.

So, where to start…? 

This is one product that I really like



  1. Clean up your diet
  2.  Probiotic
  3. Water with sea salt
What Causes Leaky Gut?

What Causes Leaky Gut?


Why is Gut Health soooo important?

Gut health is imperative. Often the starting point of most symptoms. It is important for everyone, it is one of those things that we all have in common. Maybe your ultimate goal is weight loss, maybe you are exhausted all the time or have no energy to do the things that you used to or so badly want to, stomach pain, gassy, it always leads back to the state of your gut.

Of course, we all know that the gut is were certain things happen. We learn the basics at an early age. Food goes in, poop comes out. However, as easy as that sounds, it is much more complex and many are suffering due to the lack of gut care. Use of antibiotics, a stress (who doesn’t have some level of stress…?), environmental toxins and food choices are seriously affecting your overall health. Loads of ladies tell me that they eat the cleanest diet and yet they still have a chronic list of symptoms. The thing is that your gut needs to not only digest the food you eat but also and more importantly absorb it. Eating healthy food is just a portion of what you need to be doing to stay healthy. Eat as many cucumbers as you want but if your stress is uncontrollable and you are releasing excessive amounts of cortisol, it won’t due you any good. Same goes for supplements, or mostly I call, expensive pee… I see countless women purchasing loads of supplements looking for the next fix to their symptoms but if the body cannot absorb them; expensive pee.

What do you mean my gut is leaky?

Referred to as leaky gut, simply put means that the lining of your intestine, the section that acts like a barrier has become compromised and is not doing its job. Think of it like a fence that you put up to keep the neighbors kids out of your yard but a bunch of screws came loose over the winter and they keep crawling through to play. Those holes from the loose screws now let large particles to slip through the gut membrane and enter into the bloodstream. This is not ideal because the body does not understand and assumes that those particles are bad and turns on an immune response which then leads to a whole pile of issues such as food allergies and many autoimmune conditions.

What causes Leaky gut?

The way that foods are being processed plays a large role. The additives, pesticides, chemicals are not easily absorbed and so they can cause small tears in the lining. Grains especially are being processed in away that the body is unable to break them down and as weakening our digestive function. Sugar, aka white death is a massive trigger food as well. Refined foods, antibiotics, drinking alcohol, and of course stress are all culprits. I believe most women have many signs and signals from the body before they are willing to pay attention to their gut health and by the time that the do.

Ok, so how do I know if I have leaky gut?

The easy symptoms to identify by are bloating, diarrhea, gas, burping, constipation or diarrhea but those are the easy targets. Almost any symptom can be brought back to gut health. Why? Because symptoms are a reflection in most cases of inflammation and inflammation starts in the gut with those tears and particles escaping. Many people think that once they are in this cycle that they will never get better but I don’t believe that.

How can I test to see if I have leaky gut?

Almost everyone at some point will be considering what testing they should or can have done. If you suspect that you have leaky gut, you have several options if testing is something you want to pursue.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a colonoscopy or an endoscopy to check it out.
1. OATS test
2. Comprehensive Stool Analysis
3. Urine test – Lactose/Mannitol test
4. Blood test checking for IgG and IgA antibodies

How Do I Heal my Leaky Gut?

The biggest factor to consider here is the length of time that you ignored those signs and symptoms and double or triple it. It takes time to repair damage and most people give up before they are halfway there.

TIPS to start rebuilding the gut lining.

1. Avoid all processed food. NO sugar, NO gluten and NO dairy. These are the 3 basic major inflammatory foods. Once you run an IgG test you can remove an trigger foods as well.

2. Focus on healthy fats such as avacodo, coconut and nuts. Chicken stock is the BEST option. Boil for under 4 hours if concerned about histamine.

3. More often than not, as in always, stress is the leading contributor. You may not want to admit it and think that once your body is all better, you won’t feel stressed but you can chase the chicken and still won’t get anywhere until you work on your stress.

4. Supplements. This is very different for everyone but a good starting point is L-glutamine, probiotics and cod liver oil. L-Glutamine is great because it plays a role in rebuilding the structural lining of your gut. Probiotics replenish your good bacteria and push out all the bad stuff. Cod liver oil is getting more popular now and provides omega 3 fatty acids, which target inflammation and helps to lower it.

5. Work with a coach. Build a health team. SO many think they can do all of this on their own until it is too late and they are in the doctor’s office. The other thing I see often is once feeling better, women stop all the hard work they put in and wonder why they feel bad again. Hire someone professional and pay the same way you would to maintain your car to help you build a regime that works for you.

If you are looking for a coach to guide you with this, I can help!

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