Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

Research is a key component for every health coach.  Health coaching is so much more than food suggestions.  Keeping your knowledge up to date will add to your skillset.  The following shares my top 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach!

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Why You Want To Grow Your Book Collection

Almost every health coach that I have met loves to read.  Often, when they find a quiet corner and find the time to sit down and read they can be found with educational books versus juicy nonfiction.

Something within a deeply routed health coach leaves them craving more knowledge.  The desire to help others not only find what works for them on a nutritional level but also to bring joy into; if not back into their lives is profound.

Just as not everyone is met to be a mechanic, not everyone is met to be a health coach.  Health coaches have a passion and soulful aspect about them that allows them to work with clients during some of their deepest struggles.

There are different reasons for wanting to grow your book collection.  Perhaps you need inspiration, awareness, motivation or knowledge.  Having a well-stocked bookshelf also leaves you with reference points to turn to when diving deeper into a specific area is needed.

No matter where you are in your health coaching journey, you will never stop learning.  You must always keep an open mind to new strategies, techniques, and knowledge.

My Top 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

There are countless books available.  You likely have loads of nutritional books from school already that speak to the food, diet, minerals, etc.  Here, I will be focusing specifically on my top 9 must-read books for the successful health coach, these books take a look at other areas within health.

If you are looking for a good Nutrition based book though, I recommend Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

For many books, the key is pulling the information that resonates with you and learning from it.  On the odd occasion, you come across a book that is so full of meaty knowledge that you simply cannot put it down and are left going back to it time and time again.

In my opinion, a good health book targets a specific area.  Even though the body is connected and we understand works as a whole, quality books will target one area and bring the other areas into to prove concepts.

I have broken down my top 9 books into these specific areas:

1.  Education and Supplements For Moods

Without a doubt, this book comes up as the TOP option when it comes to education and supplements for mood.  This book gave me so many lightbulb moments!  There is no book in this specific category that I can think of that gave me so much in-depth information.

I have often suggested this book to both my coaching clients and my business clients.

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross, MA covers emotions, goes through each supplement, tips on how to take them and the area of health that it deals with.  Not only that, but the book also covers diet and includes recipes!

Author Julia Ross, MA is a psychotherapist and studies nutritional psychology so obviously this is a huge win for health coaches to have access to and learn from!

Included in the book is an Individualized Mood-Type Questionaire.  I am NOT a doctor and I make that clear to all of my clients as should all coaches, but this is one of the best questionnaires that I have seen.

Another book, called Stress and the Disease Connection, A Complete Guide by Dr. Karen Jensen ND and Dr. Marita Schauch DScND is a phenomenal read.  Personally, I focus most of my time reading about the nervous system and how it affects the body.  Stress and the Disease Connection dives into the cause and effect that stress has on the body.

Learn about the adrenals and the difference that acute and chronic stress has on the body. This book really puts into perspective the connection that stress has on our well being.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 9; The Immune system and the Stress Connection.  While supplements are covered throughout the book, this chapter talks about supplements to enhance immunity and that for me is a huge factor when I am working with clients.

9 must have books for the successful health coach

2.  Gut Health

As we know this is where it all takes place.  The gut is an area where we spend a great deal of time studying and educating our clients.  I encourage all coaches working with me to make sure that they are diligently and routinely studying this area to build upon their expertise.

No matter your area of specialty; whether you work with children or postmenopausal women, the gut needs to be a primary focus.

One of my top choices for this particular area is Gut and Psychology by Dr. Nathashe Campell-McBride MD, MMedSci(neurology), MMedSci (nutrition).

Dr. Campbell-McBride has Youtube videos that you can watch as well.  One video that I particularly love can be found here.  Her passion is drawn from her autistic son.  She draws on her own experience which is something that is needed to connect with others.

She has a way of explaining things, combined with her experience and expertise that will have you stirring to learn more.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome covers all the food components including directions as well so it really covers in detail why she feels the way that she does and how to deal with the gut/psychology connection.

Dr. Campbell-McBride has a website full of great information.  The GAPS Diet website provides everything you need to know about the diet GAPS diet, including a Yahoo group that those following the diet can follow.

3.  Emotion and Mindset

I grew up with a whole lot of toxic emotions in my veins.  My mom left home when I was turning 15 and so became a defining moment in my life.  Countless years after, that period of my life defined my trauma that I later discovered existed. The lack of understanding, sadness and overall angry boiled in my system day in and day out.

But why?

After so many years, so many therapists could I still be harboring something that I desperately didn’t want to?

Overcoming Emotions That Destroy by Chip Ingram and Dr. Becca Johnson helped me understand by showing examples that made sense to me and that I could personally relate to.  The book also has questions throughout that you can answer directly in the book.  Not only that, but the book also provides action steps that you can implement now in order to begin change.  They are small snippet type questions that I personally like.

If you are struggling with anger that you know is brewing within still or have clients that do, this is certainly a top choice.


Another very good book in regard to emotion is Success Through Positive Mental Attitude by Napolean Hill and W. Clement Stone.  Chapter Ten of this book talks about how to motivate others.  I believe that a healthier self can be found when we see the light we can bring to other people’s lives.

The ability to calm the soul, spirit and nervous system through acts of kindness is of profound benefit to the human body.  Chapter Sixteen discusses how to raise energy levels.  Not referring necessarily to physical energy but moreover the spiritual and mental energy we have within and the corresponding effects to our wellbeing.

Happiness Now by Robert Holden is a book that I identify as speaking truths.  It shares what normal feelings are and encourages one that they are not broken.  Striving for happiness isn’t as impossible as it may feel for many that are struggling with their health.  

My favorite section of the book is the comparison of the unforgiving mind and the forgiving mind found on page #209.  Bringing communication with oneself to light and the awareness of how much our own mind is affecting our health.

4.  Gifted

Gifted doesn’t speak to academic status in this case.  I am referring to empathy.  Although everyone has a level of empathy, I have concluded within my own business that the women I work with are all, in fact, deep empaths.

They are deeply affected by those around them.  They can feel other people’s emotions, feel their pain and truly connect to what they are going through as they are going through it.

Many women that I have worked with have an understanding that they feel strongly but perhaps were labeled “sensitive” or “emotional” growing up.  These labels stuff the empath in my opinion.  They question themselves and their gut instincts.

As they do this, the body can become affected and they start feeling unwell.  Books can really help empaths understand that they are strong.  Teach that they have a gift and better understand what they are sensing within.

Secrets of Resilient People by John Less is a great resource as it provides 50 techniques to help form resilience.  I personally love books that provide information but also provide ways to cope, change or adjust.  How-to books are my favorite as they provide practical actionable steps that help people with a problem.

This book also has areas where you can write in and really get involved in the learning experience.  The author, John Less has several books that speak to specific areas of life as well.

5.  Relationship

As a health coach, you are clearly not a relationship expert nor a psychologist.  These two books are profound in their explanations of human relationships.

Not only do I recommend these books to clients but they have also been useful in my own life.  I have turned to both of them time and time again.

Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson has helped me greatly in my marriage.  This book has the absolute best way of communicating to the reader the various things that may really be happening between two people.  Dr. Sue Johnson really knows what she is talking about.

Children of the Self Absorbed by Nina W. Brown was a huge benefit to me.  I read it two times in a row as it spoke to me and my struggles with my mother.  I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Action steps, examples, and explanations found in this book helped me better understand my life growing up.

9 must read books for the successful health coach

Where To Order Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

Typically I get my books from one of two places: Chapters or Amazon.

I tend to go to Chapters first because I love wandering around the brick and mortar stores with coffee in hand.  Selecting books is a therapeutic process for me.  I zone out from the chaos of the world and enter the world of the text.

Another option is to order the books off of Amazon as e-books.  I purchased a Kindle for just this reason.  That being said, a paper copy is ideal so that you can really dive into it and take notes.  Many books come with sections that you can fill out and to me having a tangible copy is so much better.

When To Use These 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

There are a few specific times that I tend to turn to my bookshelf.

One major one is when I am running my Health Mindset groups.  These books are a staple to how I run these groups, often reading directly from them.  Combined with the information that I am teaching, reading from these books directly adds substance for the group members.

My 1-1 program is typically 3 months in duration.  Working so closely with a client allows me to really dive into their areas of concern.  While researching I am often lead back to my bookshelf.

Clients that work with me, get homework.  Often I have them read through a specific book to understand more about what I am trying to help them with.  You simply cannot recommend a client read a book if you have not read it yourself.  You should know what it covers before suggesting it to a client.

Benefits To Having These 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

Being able to sit and have a coffee while enjoying a good book should be beneficial enough, however, there are other reasons why we all need to focus on our bookshelves.

1.  Grow Your Skillset

Of course, reading various books is going to grow your knowledge base which will then grow your skillset.  Even in areas that you disagree with, you will determine a stronger outlook.  Sometimes your view may be shifted and you may try a new technique that you were previously opposed to.

2.  Use For Reference

Personally, I have gone back to each of these books countless times.  My mindset classes are always a huge hit and I can be found reading directly from the book and sharing them with my group clients.

3. Recommendations For Other Health Coaches

There are countless people on Earth.  More than enough clients for you to work with as well as every other successful health coach.  Understanding that from the beginning is a key ingredient to calming your self-doubts.

Read my article on my truth about starting an online health coaching business to learn more about my own journey.

You can be a help and encouragement to other health coaches by:

  1. Recommending your favorite books.
  2. Letting them know what has worked for you and what has not.
  3. Share some of your contacts with them to get them started.

Do not be afraid to help and encourage others in their work.  Having a positive mindset and belief that everyone has a purpose within this field is powerful.


If you are wondering what to do next in your business, order one of these books.  Not only will you find a ton of knowledge but you will be amazed at how much inspiration they will give you.

If you have started your website, take notes and write a blog post with all the amazing content that you gather.  Remember to reference the book that you are pulling information from as you go.  That makes it much easier later when you write your blog post, you have to go back searching.

If you need help getting started with your business, join my business coaching course and you will be well on your way!

I hope that you found this information useful!  I love hearing from you, please leave a comment and let me know your favorite books or if you have read any from my list!

Truth About Starting An Online Health Coaching Business

I remember the exact day I was working away at my website and reading about no-follow links.  What they are and how to use them on my website.  It felt like I was in over my head.  One of the things that I realized in building my own online business is that I had a lot of days where I felt that I couldn’t cut it.  I wanted to throw in the towel and quit but I had invested so much time and money…  Here is the truth about starting an online health coaching business from my perspective.


The Truth About Starting An Online Health Coaching Business


Can you relate?  The truth is that a lot of people will tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t be doing what you are.  That you aren’t a professional, you aren’t an IT specialist, you don’t have a business degree and so on…

There were so many times that I would be between clients and researching how to set up the next part of my website.  I wanted to just head back to my 9-5 job on countless occasions.

Honestly, I would be lying to you if I pretend that it is all bells and whistles.  This is my truth about starting an online health coaching business.

At night, I would search for entrepreneurs online.  Part of me wanted to read about how lovely it was all going to be and that shortly I would be running a business, making my own hours, working by a beach while sipping red wine.  Taking countless vacations because there is so much money coming.


What Is Not The Truth About Starting An Online Health Coaching Business

You know what…  It is all BS…  I am not saying that there aren’t people that start out and hit success immediately and lucratively.  What I am saying is those are few and far between and I don’t know anyone that has done this successfully.  Neither in the health field or any other business.

The ones that have been able to become financially successful quickly usually had the money to invest in ads and marketing.  Of course, not always but I am here to tell you what I have found to be the truth.

My journey didn’t start with a financial investment.  I didn’t have a bank account to pull money from to make it work.


Should You Quit Your 9-5 When starting Your Own Business

Wouldn’t it be lovely to just up and quit your 9-5 today?  Pack up your desk, let your boss know you have had it.  Head home in your own little happy bubble.  Shockingly, this is typical advice from some gurus.

Let me tell you, I have read so many posts where gurus suggest that if you really want it you will dive in headfirst OR manifest it and it will come…  yikes…

Truthfully, I didn’t leave my 9-5 job until I was confident that my business was going to work out.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea for you to up and leave your paying job.  What I do suggest is that you look at your options.

  • How much money do you need to bring in each month?
  • Are you the only person working in your household.
  • Would it be possible for you to go down part-time?

For myself, working full time was the only option.  We have 2 small kids, a house, 2 cars and so on.  Yes, I had a passion and working 9-5 for someone else was not a part of it.  I am also realistic.


How to Find Time To Become A Health Coach

This is one of the biggest questions that I get asked.  How to find the time?

Because working full time was my only option, I began my search for a Health curriculum that would suit my schedule. To my surprise there were several.  I spent a couple of months researching the various schools and asking around for references.

Having spent the last decade teaching holistic and conventional health as well as developing curriculum, I had high standards and expectations.

My ultimate decision came down to an online program with Nutraphoria.  Although I am personally not a fan of the name, I was intrigued by all the courses offered.

My favorite relaxation time is in the bath after a long day.  I would read my text during that time and found I was able to absorb a great deal because I was so relaxed.  After school, I found myself studying aside my children and that brought us closer together.  They loved that mom had homework too.  The nice part about the course was that it allowed you to work at your own pace.


Starting a Health Business

Once I finished the course work, I was so excited to start working with clients.  That was when the overwhelmed began to really kick in.  School felt like a lot at the time but now that I was done, I realized I had NO clients.

My intention was to leave my 9-5 the minute that I was done schooling.  I had in my mind that clients would be seeking me and all of my new-found knowledge and skill set.

The courses gave me profound knowledge but what it didn’t give me was:

  • Business insight
  • Marketing awareness
  • Website knowledge
  • Legal guidance
  • Niche refining
  • Clarity on my ideal client
  • What to charge
  • How to find clients

Don’t get me wrong.  The school certainly touched on most if not all of these areas.  However, they did not cover them to the necessary degree that is needed to run a successful business.


Business insight

This one makes me laugh a bit as I write.  The reason is that, although I am intelligent and thought that I had business insight; I did not.  I had no clue what it takes to run a business.

Just because your business is online or part-time even, doesn’t mean it is not a business.  My very first issue was that I didn’t see my business as a business until I was almost 2 years in.

I didn’t know about lawyers, insurance, taxes, invoicing or scaling for example.


Marketing awareness

Working online is a whole other world.  I knew all about marketing in person and zero about marketing online.  When I researched, I found that I became defeated.  Gurus suggest that you should be hiring out for all areas that you don’t specialize in.

This honestly makes perfect sense, the only issue was I didn’t have the funds to hire 4 different people or one rock-solid VA to run my business while I worked with clients.  I had to find a way to do both or go back to my cozy 9-5 job.


Website knowledge

Starting a Wix or Weebly website was so easy…  I thought that I was well underway.  Then, I realized that I spent hours and hours creating my gorgeous website that had countless limitations.  I needed something robust, something that said professional, and most importantly a website that would get recognized by Google.

It took me two times to get set up with WordPress.  Beyond overwhelming, to say the least.  I needed a professional but yet again, I didn’t have the funds.  I needed to figure it out.

Eventually, I did.  I am happy to report that I absolutely love WordPress and have created several step by step tutorials in my course so that you can set it up yourself.


Legal guidance

Yikes…  I had no idea.  First off, do not even start work with clients until this part is looked after.  You need liability insurance.  Be careful with your wording.  There are words that you cannot say such as heal.  You cannot heal as a health coach.  In most areas, you can say the word health as that is a word used routinely in various ways.

Meet with a local lawyer or a credible online lawyer that has experience in health.  Each State and Province has different guidelines.

Online you need to make sure that your website is properly protected.  That includes things like disclaimers etc.

All of this was enough to make me so fearful that I didn’t even want to work with clients for a while.


Niche refining

Starting out I was fairly certain that I could and was going to help everyone.  I had so much knowledge around gut health, brain/gut connection.  Plus, I was adamant that if only everyone could hear me and follow my guidance, they could all find homeostasis.

I ended up starting wanting to help everyone in changing my niche 4 different times.  This was extremely time consuming and unnecessary.  If I had been guided more deeply into the thought process of what niche I was passionate about I may have only switched it up once.

Life experience is key and therefore even with all the proper guidance, there are changes required.  That said, I still would have not needed to start over 4 times.


Clarity on my ideal client

Having no clue what an ideal client was, I started out wanting to help everyone.  My knowledge base is expensive and I know the mind/body connection so does it really matter if my client is male or female 22 or 72?

In short, yes, it matters very much.  Not so much in a brick and mortar shop but in the online space it sure does.  Think of how people search online and therefore how they will ultimately find you.

They will essentially sit down and their computer or phone and type in their specific symptom.  That means that a 50-year-old woman who types in menopause relief is looking specifically for that.

She will simply scroll by your lovely holistic site if it doesn’t catch her eye for what she is looking for.  On top of that, she may never even see your site because google likely will not even see it as your sie it merely to broad.

What to charge

This one was so hard for me.  You don’t want to charge too much nor too little.  How do you figure out where you fall and what is even considered normal to charge as a health provider/coach?

I have written a whole other post on most of these topics, including this one.  The main factor I believe that you need to consider is what problem can you solve for your ideal client and what can you offer that is different than someone else in the same field.

How to find clients

I started out on Facebook.  Able to grow my business through just my private group and going into other groups that were similar and answering questions.  Although time-consuming, I didn’t need to spend money on ads or on any other platform so for me this worked very well.

I was fully booked just by offering free guidance one or two times a week in my private group.  That is how I developed like/know/trust by answering questions.

Related Post:  Finding Clients

In my opinion, it is more about being consistent and providing free value so that people can get to know you than it is about being on several platforms.

That said, once you are comfortable on one platform I do think it is important to add diversity.

Balancing Home and Work

The hardest area.  For any entrepreneur or person in general.  How do you accomplish home and work balance when you are trying to make sure you can buy food this month.

Honestly, sometimes you can’t…

I get it.  Family comes first.  I have had a long and painful health journey that respects that statement.  However, I also respect that to start something and expect it to be successful, it does require time.

My solution to this is communication.  As long as you are communicating with your loved ones what your plan is, that your business does not mean more than them and what your goals are, you will see they will be much more understanding.  In my case, as long as I am communicating, my husband is extremely proud of what I do and the hours that I put in when needed!


Conclusion:  Truth About Starting An Online Health Coaching Business

There is no right or wrong way to start and build your business.  Surround yourself with those that support you and uplift you. Believe in yourself.  Except failure is a port of success!

I would love to hear how you are doing in your own business.  What did you find the most difficult starting out?  Feel free to drop a comment and share it!

Practice Better Review

Practice Better Review

Working as a health coach, you have a lot to think about.  One of the things that you need to consider is how you will work with clients and how you will store all of their information.  Your client’s personal information is confidential and private and therefore it needs to be properly protected.  In this post, I am sharing my opinions while giving a Practice Better Review to help you decide if it is the right platform for you.

I am not compensated in any way for this review.  Having spent a great deal of time researching and trying various platforms with similar features I thought that I could save you time.  I hope to provide you with a thorough Practice Better review so that you can see why I feel it is the most suitable for my needs.


girl on cell and laptop looking at Practice Better review

Why Do You Need A Health Platform

Think about everything that you will need to run your health coaching business professionally.  Personally, in the beginning, I was so consumed with research and getting clients that I was overwhelmed with how much work was involved in starting an online business.

That does not mean that you cannot start and run your own health coaching business.  It means that there is a learning curve just like any other business.  I didn’t have the funds to hire someone else to set up my website, create custom food plans for me or create content and I think these things need to be done on your own to know your business.

Take your WordPress site as an example.  It may sound like a great idea to delegate that out to a professional.  That is until you realize that they set everything up in Javascript.  That way you cannot work on the site yourself in a basic way.  You end up paying for every edit or change instead of a basic set up.  I have heard people spending thousands stuck in this rut…

Someone may say that they can set up your site in a way that you will be able to work with it.  The downside to that is once you receive access you realize you have to learn it all anyway.  In my opinion, save the heartache and set it up yourself.  It is easy and I can show you how in my course if you are interested.

There are thousands of instructional youtube videos that will show you as well.  The real main difference for paying for a course is that it provides an all in one easy format.  That way you can follow it through step by step.  I find that although I can find everything I need online, courses save me a ton of time searching.


Related:  My course is called Health Coach Creator if you want to check it out and see if it suits your needs.


Why You Don’t Want Various Platforms

You may find bits and pieces of what you need on various platforms as well.  I did this with the marketing end.  When I set out, I found one platform for email, another for funnels, another for video and so on.  I ended up spending a ton of time and effort learning each one.  Finally, I found Kartra and decided to test out the free trial.  I won’t lie, I have a love/hate relationship with Karta.  Like WordPress, it has a learning curve that I hated but once I knew it I found that it suited all of my needs.  Transferring my e-mail list to Kartra and being able to use one platform for everything marketing ended up being cheaper as well.

I am using these other examples to support why I think it is so important to have one platform for all of your health client needs.  Not only does it look more professional, but it is also more professional.  Everything is gathered and organized in one area.  Your client has enough to think about that your goal is to make their experience with you as easy as you can.


practice better review pic of whats new

What To Look For In A Health Platform

The big factor is protection.  We will take a look at all of the reasons that you really do need to have a professional health portal:

  • Protection
  • HIPPA Certified
  • A Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Billing/ Invoicing
  • Recipes
  • Protocol area
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Food recommendations
  • Detox recommendations
  • Supplement section
  • Programs and Memberships
  • Ease of Use
  • Ability to sync Fullscript


Think from user experience as you go through the various platforms that are available to you.  If you look through the lens of your potential client, ask yourself if you would like to be sent on a mouse trail to find the content being sent to you?  Would it confuse you to receive emails from various platforms vs one?  What would you like to see if it were you working with a health coach?


Protection For Your Clients

You need to protect yourself and your work as well as the client’s privacy.  There are several factors to consider.  If you factor in all of the various areas of client interaction you will find that you need a fairly robust program.  One of the qualities that I am going to cover in this Practice Better review is that the platform allows for client signature.

This was one of my largest concerns when I took on my first client.  I found a workaround by signing up for platforms that allowed for signature.  Then I would email back and forth but then I had to come up with a solution to where to properly store the contracts or agreements…

Practice Better allows me to simply create a contract, send, have it signed and securely stores it for me!  This was a dream come true business-wise for me.  I had worked in offices and schools for years so I am well versed in all the details of manual hands-on filing but this online availability was exactly what I needed!


Practice Better Review


According to the HIPAA Journal:

HIPAA compliance involves fulfilling the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, its subsequent amendments, and any related legislation such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

Why is HIPPA important?

HIPPA has two main focus points.  One is to allow employees to still receive health coverage if they had lost a job and were currently looking for another.  The second focus is the main concern for us as health coaches, as it is privacy protection.

The HIPAA Journal has a comprehensive checklist that you can read over to learn more.  They also have a great article on whether Facebook messenger is HIPPA compliant, in the article, you will see that they do not feel it is and why.

Depending on your location, you will have different rules regarding what you are and are not allowed to do as a health coach.  Knowing what your area’s terms and laws are is crucial to succeeding.  Every State has different rules and terms as you can see here for reference.  I am NOT a lawyer, if you are unsure about your own you should connect with a lawyer in your area that can answer those questions for you.

My decision to find and use a health platform that was HIPPA certified came down to wanting to protect myself and my client’s as much as possible.  Again, you will need to talk to a lawyer that is well versed in this field to gain further knowledge about the specific scope that they allow you to do as a health coach.  If you work online then you want to make sure that you have your website legally protected as well with proper disclaimers and forms.


Practice Better Review Of Scheduling

How are potential clients going to book a session with you?  When I first started I was giving out my email or having people send me private messages and that is not the professional level that I was trying to achieve.  Of course, it can be done but in the health field please do not do this.

You want a professional platform that can manage, maintain and secure your work from a health standpoint.

There are many platforms that can manage and maintain documents or schedules and organize. YOU need one that can do all of these things PLUS cover all the requirements of being in health.


practice better schedule


Waivers, Forms, and Documents?

Waivers, forms, and documents were a huge concern for me.  Obviously, these are everyday areas that you will need.  Having the portal to store create all of these forms are invaluable for my health business.

  • How would I have clients sign forms?
  • How would I save documents or share them with a client?
  • Safe and logical place to store all the documents?
  • Was this space even available in this on-line world?
  • How can I write session notes and store them?

The client can even upload forms for me to review which is fantastic as well.


Practice Better Review of forms and waivers


We live in a world of technology.  Everyone expects to have access to everything online and their health is no different.

A portal is really just a fancy term for an area where everything is contained.  Having all of your clients’ information, protocol, recipes, billing and allowing your client access to this portal is a very professional way to go about your business.  You will find now that almost all labs and health offices are offering a client access portal.  This allows for extreme ease of use for your client as well as yourself.

Billing/ Invoicing

I always say that without making money, you have an expensive hobby.  Obviously, you desire to help people but you still have bills to pay.  Having your invoices on the same platform as your scheduling allows you to accept payment before the client books.  That is huge because you won’t be left without payment after the session is done.


Here is my affiliate link if you would like to try Practice Better out for your business!


You can find platforms that offer complete recipes to give your clients or you can create your own recipes.  Admittedly, when I first saw that I could pay for done-for-you recipes online, I was sold.  I bought several, and they aren’t cheap nor should they be with the amount of work put into them. However, I ran into issues immediately…

The only time that I suggest that you go ahead with done-for-you recipes and outlines is with content that is generic.  For example a weight loss challenge, a Gaps month or a Fod-Map awareness week.  Where a client just wants to learn about a specific area or has a specific goal and has no awareness yet that they may be sensitive still to half the food items that those recipes use.


practice better recipes added

For instance, let’s say that you purchase a fantastic done-for-you juicing cleanse catered to weight loss off of someone selling these items online.  The ingredients are all healthy and organic.  Each juice requires celery as which is useless to a client that is actually high oxalate and will likely do more harm than good.

Here is my issue with paid done-for-you recipes, workouts, protocols, etc.  If you are serious about helping individuals than you already know that there is no such thing as buying something that is already done…

Why?  Because even if the recipes are all dairy, sugar and/or gluten-free, your specific client’s needs are far more than that.


Protocol area

The reason that people come to you as a health coach is for help.  In order to help your client in the best way possible, you will need to write up a custom protocol that you then suggest they follow.  Practice Better allows you to do just that.


practice better protcol area

Lifestyle suggestions

You cannot claim to diagnose or heal as a health coach.  However, you will have several lifestyle suggestions for your client.  Whether it is setting a better sleep schedule, waking up earlier, incorporating yoga or meditation you need an area that you can organize all of your recommendations and Practice Better allows you to do that in a way that the reader will find useful.


Food recommendations

Of course, food is a huge factor when working as a health coach.  You may have a different title depending on what your organization provided you.  Mine is, Holistic Nutritional Clinical Practitioner, regardless of your title; food is a huge area in which you will address your clients.

Having the right education is key and being able to tell your client if you are the right person to help them is what will, in fact, make you successful.  I am not the right fit for everyone and neither are you.  You may want or even think that you can help everyone but that attitude will only result in a lack of business.


practice better food database


Knowing your own knowledge of food and being honest with your own level of expertise is what will attract the right clients to you.  Being able to say to a client, “I suggest that you don’t follow that crazy healthy craze because it is hight candida or oxalates” for example.  Knowing that you will only focus on Gaps will make you an expert in that area which will draw in the right clients for you.

What I am getting at is when it comes to food make sure that you are able really to focus on what you know and recognize what you don’t know.

There are a ton of “health coaches” online that have extremely limited expertise in the food realm that work with clients and doing more harm than good in my personal opinion.


Detox recommendations

Clients love this area of the platform.  It is all about self-care in a way.  Epsom salt baths, sauna or scrubs.  Maybe it is reading to calm the vagus nerve forming better functional detox pathways.  The detox regime should, in my opinion, provide a sense of self-care and peace.

Detox is about out with the unwanted to make room for homeostasis and that comes through inner peace as much as it does through the actual substance.

Having a detox section is a must for me in my work with clients.  I like how practice better offers all of these options whether it is a protocol for a one-on-one client or for group membership.


Supplement section

The supplement section is one of my favorite areas.  You can add supplements as you go or pull from the database selection.  I add my recommendations here but I also integrate Fullscript.  For each client that I work with, I create a custom supplement plan.


Practice Better Review supplement area

Programs and Memberships

I have set up and run a group program in Practice Better and the clients loved the flow and ease.  They also like that they can be held accountable as I was able to select a done by date in which they would check off once complete.

Any form of accountability for the client is a huge plus and they will be the first to tell you that.  It is so easy to let life get in the way, to skip an Epsom salt bath or grab that take out on the way out the door.

Having an active accountability area can be one of the reasons why a client signs up for your program.


Practice Better Review health membership program

Ease of Use

Again, think of ease of use and flow.  Practice Better allows me to send the client a link to my schedule.  The client then chooses the time and day that best suite their needs, they request the time slot and are automatically signaled for the appropriate payment, once paid, their sot is scheduled.

It doesn’t stop there.  The client then receives their receipt to the e-mail that they provided.  They are then sent out initial appointment forms (again I have these already preset to be triggered in this flow format) and on top of that, the client is sent appointment reminders!



Being a platform it does need to be visually appealing for someone to come back to it on a daily basis.  If you are running a group program or working individually with clients you will require them to be logging, checking in, updating, etc at various times of the day and if your platform is not pleasing to the eye that is one more reason to give them an excuse.

Practice Better is certainly visually appealing and many of my clients like the clean look that it provides.

Ability to sync Fullscript

This was a must for me.  I absolutely love Fullscript.  Not only do they carry an amazing selection of products, but the service also is great, the delivery is fast and I make a commission.  I can set the commission to the amount I feel is fair!

You can set up supplements within Practice Better BUT why would you do that when you don’t receive a commission on it?  Instead, integrate Fulscript with Practice Better and you can do both!  Again, you are running a business and you need to become ok with charging money for your time and services.  I also recommend that you set up various strains of income because you are an entrepreneur and you may not have clients at all times.


fullscript dispensary tammyseedhealth


You have bills to pay and a business to run.  I fully understand that it can be difficult to guide someone through their health journey and then turn around and send them a bill.  I felt like I was being a bad person honestly.

Once, I received an e-mail telling me that I do not truly want to help others or else I wouldn’t be charging.  It completely deflated me receiving that e-mail, I remember the day perfectly.  Set out to help people, I was giving away hours of my time for free already, I had no money coming in.  I had been unhealthy myself in the past and didn’t have the funds to pay for help… It hit me hard and left me second-guessing myself.

It took time and a great deal of mindset to get into a balance of giving and receiving and feeling ok with that!



Practice Better offers a free trial.  I suggest that you give it a try for yourself and see if it is suitable for your needs.  The support is incredible and that is not the case with all platforms.  I have e-mailed them several times with various questions and every time they are fast to et back to me with a thorough answer.  Of course, I appreciate that in a platform very much.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Practice Better.  How long did you try it for, are you still using it or just thinking of trying it out?

Let me know if I missed anything that you really love about it or even if there is something that you are not fond of.  It helps to share your own experience to help others!


What To Charge As a Health Coach

What To Charge As a Health Coach

This is a topic that I think everyone struggles with.  I know I certainly did.  The first thing I found myself doing was typing into Google, “what to charge as a health coach?”…  The answers didn’t help one bit and to be perfectly honest I don’t think that there is a right or wrong.  However, I am hoping that I can provide you with some sort of breakdown to help you figure out your own pricing points.


what to charge as a health coach


There are a few things to consider when you are trying to figure out what to charge as a health coach:

  1. Why should someone hire you?
  2. What do you have to offer that no one else can?
  3. What programs do you offer?
  4. What is included in your programs?
  5. Do you offer a HIPPA certified platform?
  6. How long have you been a health coach?
  7. Do you have testimonies?
  8. Do you offer payment plans?


Why Should Someone Hire You?

If you think like your ideal client for a minute, ask yourself why should they hire you?  Whether you charge $50.00 or $5000, no one will hire you if they don’t think that you are worth it.  You need to provide what they are looking for.  Now, to be clear you simply can not guarantee anything working in this field.

You CANNOT heal or diagnose as a health coach.  What you can do though is invaluable and your potential client needs to feel that way as well.  Notice that I said FEEL.  If someone feels a connection with you, if they feel in their gut that what you have to offer can help them, they are more likely to work with you.


What Can You Offer A Potential Client?

What makes you different?  What about you would make someone say “yes, you are who I want to work with”?

This is exactly why knowing your niche and ideal client are not negotiable in my opinion.  What does your ideal client need guidance with?  If you specialize in weight loss than your ideal client is someone looking for help in that specific area.

You may be the very best weight loss coach but someone that is looking for holistic acne remedies isn’t going to pay you $10.00 for your suggestions and recommendations on weight loss because it is irrelevant to them.

Now, although you may know that all areas of health are connected, you need to think like your potential client and they likely do not think that way if they are looking for something specific.

Once someone is working with you then you can take the opportunity to educate them on how the body is connected.  To get someone to work with you from an online perspective you need to immediately speak to their pain point.  Your website needs to be clear and easy to navigate.


What do you have to offer that no one else can?

This one is relatively simple and yet can be the hardest to get our mindset around.  The absolute biggest difference between you and your competition; is you!  You are the only you!

Only you have your exact way of thinking, working, learning and achieving.  The combination of what makes you and how you communicate yourself to others is the key to what you have to offer.

Your greatest tool is yourself.  The knowledge that you possess will be similar to other health coaches on a basic level.  What you specialize in and the additional courses that you took or research will attract your ideal client to you BUT why they hire you is because they resonate with you!

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What programs do you offer?

What you offer as far as programs greatly affect your pricing.  One on one work will be significantly higher priced than a group program.  The more comprehensive and in-depth your program is the more expensive it will be.  The more customized your program is, the more expensive it will be.

Group Program |  One-one  | Membership

Group programs are a lot of fun to run.  There can be so much interaction and they provide a lot of value to the people in them.  The key to a group program is a good layout and organization. No matter what type of program you offer, providing value is the most important.

People either love or hate a group program and they know what they prefer.  Offering both group and/or one-on-one can make you more versatile.

Some coaches will tell you to only do one or the other but the problem with that is:

  • If you have done a good job narrowing down your niche, you are already targeting a smaller range of people which is good.  However, if you also only offer one program you can run into being too restricted and end up with fewer clients as a result.  Some people only want group formatting.
  • You are more versatile if you offer both, since you may not always have one-one-one clients, having a group program running will ensure that you have an income coming in.
  • Running group programs often leads to people wanting to work with you one-on-one.


When it comes to memberships, I don’t recommend you set this up until you have a large enough following.  Ideally, those that have worked with you privately or in a group setting will transition into a membership.  If you don’t have a large enough following, it can be a ton of work for a few people.

Putting all of your time into a membership for a few people keeps you away from money-making tasks.


Do You Offer A Platforms For Your Programs

Having a platform where you organize your information and connect with your clients adds value.  Anything that has value can better support your business.  I highly recommend that you use Practice Better for your clients.  No matter which program you are offering you will want each person to read your disclaimer and sign a waiver.  You are not a doctor and you need to have in writing that your client understands exactly what you can offer them.  They need to sign that they understand that you CANNOT diagnose, treat or heal them.

You want to make it clear and put into writing that your suggestions are just that, suggestions and that you in no way replace their doctor and/or specialist.  Practice Better is perfect for this as the client can sign electronically and the portal is HIPAA certified.

You can do everything that you need to do with your clients in Practice Better but if you are looking for a robust membership area than I suggest you use Kartra.  I use both.  Kartra offers all your e-mail, funnel, memberships, products etc.  You still want Practice Better for the client’s health aspect as well as you can do your sessions right within the platform.  I highly suggest that you use these 2 platforms.

Af one point I had around 6 platforms that I was paying for each month.  Karta and Practice Better now provide everything that I need and end up cheaper; BONUS!


Customized vs Generic Programs

When I say generic programs, I mean the one size fits all type programs.  I am not a fan of these personally, however, they can be a way for you to gain experience.  There are plenty of people looking to pre-made healthy eating recipes that they can follow.

You can market this type of program for those looking for healthy options or weight loss for example.  This style of program is nice because once you create it you can reuse it over and over.

Customized on the other hand requires much more work, research and time.  My favorite way to work with clients is in customized individual 3-month programs.

No matter which type of program that you offer you will want to have a well laid out plan.


How Long Have You Been a Health Coach

Some coaches will tell you that it doesn’t matter how long you have been a health coach when it comes to pricing.  I believe that you should increase your prices as you gain experience.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t charge what you feel is an appropriate amount.

How can you charge more so that you can make the income that you desire?  Value.  You can charge the same amount as a health coach that has 10 years’ experience IF you offer more value.

Being newer to the field doesn’t mean that you have less to offer.  It does mean that you have to become creative in what your program offers.

Take the time to research what your competitor offers in their programs.  If they offer a 3-month group program for $499.00, create your program for 4 months for $499.99.  See what they include in their offer and see what you can add to increase the value.  Some other ideas:

  • Offer a free 1-1 session at the end of the program
  • A complete 7-day detox
  • A free e-book with easy super ideas for their family

health coach working on phone and tablet

Do You Have Testimonies

In the beginning, you will want to offer a few free 1-1 sessions or run a group program at a discounted rate or even free.  Make it clear to the clients that you are making this offer in exchange for a testimony.

Testimonies are an important part of gaining authority as an online health coach.  It is difficult to trust the online space and having several well-written testimonies on your website will allow people to get a sense of what you have to offer them.

Make sure that you gain true testimonies.  Too many people get testimonies from someone that they know and that is not a way to gain a following and clients.  You want to gain real-life experience as well and having true testimonies allows you to grow as a coach through your work as well as gain authority.

Video testimonies are the best but many people will not feel comfortable being on video.  If they are that is a huge bonus!


Do You Offer A Payment Plan

This comes with a downside…  You will get the odd client that ends up not paying.  The upside is that you will be more attractive to clients that cannot afford to pay all at once.  When you set up a payment program make sure that the last payment is done BEFORE the program is over.

I learned the hard way.  I’ve had situations where I extended payments to help people and then not received any payment at all and that really sucks.  Personally, I suggest that all one time sessions are paid BEFORE the session takes place.  I do this by having it set up that when they schedule there session, they are required to pay at the same time.

If a program runs for 4 weeks, I will break it down into 2 payments to make it easier for the client.  The breakdown would behalf before it starts and the other half at the 2-week mark.

How to Come Up wIth Your Fees

Look and see what the competition is charging for various services.  Layout what services you will offer and set your fees 10% less than your experienced competition.

If you have a specific program that you feel you can truly add more value to your clients then keep the fee the same but add additional content, time or bonuses.

Charge significantly more for your one-on-one work.  If a client would like to add a meal plan that you don’t typically offer, make sure that you charge an additional fee for it.

Increase your fees as you gain experience.  You can also increase once you have a certain number of solid testimonies where clients have shared their success.

To give you a more concrete example.  My beginning fee for a 90-minute session was $97.00, after 6 months I increased that to $137.77.  After 2 years I decreased the time to 60 minutes, as I got better at structuring my calls but I left the fee the same because it feels right and fair for me.

That said, over those 2 years, I increased my pricing on my custom 3 month and group programs as well.



When it comes to pricing it can feel overwhelming.  You don’t want to charge too much but you don’t want to charge too little either.  You need to make money. Period and the end.  Without it, you simply have an expensive hobby.  Yes, you want to help others but this is also your time, energy and work.

Take the time to review these factors and research your competition to see what you feel is the best fit for you.

Remember, you can increase your prices over time.  In fact, I recommend that you implement your first increase after 3 months.  You can also adjust your programs as you go.  If something is not working, you have the control to shift things to better suit your needs and style.