My Promise to You

I will do my very best to help you.  I will listen.   I will research.

I will hear you.  I will support you.

I will build an action plan for you; with you!

My Why

In 2010 my daughter, Ryleigh was born. She was full term, being only 4 days early when my water broke and we headed for the hospital. Feeling great I told the doctors yet again that I felt she was not ok and yet again I was told I was being paranoid…. Ever been there… Nothing worse then being ignored and then told your are just a worrier…
Within hours I was hemmoraging and the reality that my girl may not make it into this world became a reality for all. In minutes the doctor announced no heart beat and I was rushed for a crash c-section. They got her out in just a meer 55 seconds, her apgar scores were 0 across the board.

More Formal Bio

Dynamic health professional with incredible breadth of knowledge relating holistic nutrition.  Special expertise in building and leading top performing relationships both with students and clientele, turning around troubled situations and establishing report. 

Experienced in utilizing technologies to improve organizational and individual performance.

 Create action plans to ensure success in meeting client nutritional needs and to increase their personal performance to achieve their health goals. 

Exceptional leadership, relationship management, and training skills.

Hand Crafted Programs