Starting an on-line business is hard.

There is so much information that you can google and as soon as it feels exciting, it feels overwhelming.

Learning to do this on your own is nearly impossible

Are you realizing that you could use a bit of help? 

That is great!  That is all a part of the learning curve.  There is so much to learn.  Whether you are still in school, just finished or a year in, we can help!


  1. Do you have your site set up?
  2. Are you posts written in a way that they will get identified by Google?
  3. Do you have your opt-ins done and loaded on your site?
  4. Are you opt-ins the right ones that people are signing up so you can build your e-mail list?
  5. Wondering how it all works and if you will ever have a full client schedule?
  6. Thinking you would like to make money on your site while building it to work with clients?
  7. Do you know where to find your ideal clients?
  8. Do you know what you need to make your website legal?
  9. How about SEO, Google analytics and search console, do you have that all set and ready to go?

These are a few of the areas that we can help with because no one should feel like quitting before they even get going.

In 2010 my daughter, Ryleigh was born. She was full term, being only 4 days early when my water broke and we headed for the hospital. Feeling great I told the doctors yet again that I felt she was not ok and yet again I was told I was being paranoid…. Ever been there… Nothing worse then being ignored and then told your are just a worrier…

Within hours I was hemorrhaging and the reality that my girl may not make it into this world became a reality for all. In minutes the doctor announced no heart beat and I was rushed for a crash c-section. They got her out in just a meer 55 seconds, her apgar scores were 0 across the board.

After all of this and my past health issues that I had overcome, I decided that I wanted to leave my full time teaching career and stop working with clients to focus on helping others build their on-line health coaching  business.

Hand Crafted Course:

The Health Coach Creator