Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

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Research is a key component for every health coach.  Health coaching is so much more than food suggestions.  Keeping your knowledge up to date will add to your skillset.  The following shares my top 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach!

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Why You Want To Grow Your Book Collection

Almost every health coach that I have met loves to read.  Often, when they find a quiet corner and find the time to sit down and read they can be found with educational books versus juicy nonfiction.

Something within a deeply routed health coach leaves them craving more knowledge.  The desire to help others not only find what works for them on a nutritional level but also to bring joy into; if not back into their lives is profound.

Just as not everyone is met to be a mechanic, not everyone is met to be a health coach.  Health coaches have a passion and soulful aspect about them that allows them to work with clients during some of their deepest struggles.

There are different reasons for wanting to grow your book collection.  Perhaps you need inspiration, awareness, motivation or knowledge.  Having a well-stocked bookshelf also leaves you with reference points to turn to when diving deeper into a specific area is needed.

No matter where you are in your health coaching journey, you will never stop learning.  You must always keep an open mind to new strategies, techniques, and knowledge.

My Top 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

There are countless books available.  You likely have loads of nutritional books from school already that speak to the food, diet, minerals, etc.  Here, I will be focusing specifically on my top 9 must-read books for the successful health coach, these books take a look at other areas within health.

If you are looking for a good Nutrition based book though, I recommend Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

For many books, the key is pulling the information that resonates with you and learning from it.  On the odd occasion, you come across a book that is so full of meaty knowledge that you simply cannot put it down and are left going back to it time and time again.

In my opinion, a good health book targets a specific area.  Even though the body is connected and we understand works as a whole, quality books will target one area and bring the other areas into to prove concepts.

I have broken down my top 9 books into these specific areas:

1.  Education and Supplements For Moods

Without a doubt, this book comes up as the TOP option when it comes to education and supplements for mood.  This book gave me so many lightbulb moments!  There is no book in this specific category that I can think of that gave me so much in-depth information.

I have often suggested this book to both my coaching clients and my business clients.

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross, MA covers emotions, goes through each supplement, tips on how to take them and the area of health that it deals with.  Not only that, but the book also covers diet and includes recipes!

Author Julia Ross, MA is a psychotherapist and studies nutritional psychology so obviously this is a huge win for health coaches to have access to and learn from!

Included in the book is an Individualized Mood-Type Questionaire.  I am NOT a doctor and I make that clear to all of my clients as should all coaches, but this is one of the best questionnaires that I have seen.

Another book, called Stress and the Disease Connection, A Complete Guide by Dr. Karen Jensen ND and Dr. Marita Schauch DScND is a phenomenal read.  Personally, I focus most of my time reading about the nervous system and how it affects the body.  Stress and the Disease Connection dives into the cause and effect that stress has on the body.

Learn about the adrenals and the difference that acute and chronic stress has on the body. This book really puts into perspective the connection that stress has on our well being.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 9; The Immune system and the Stress Connection.  While supplements are covered throughout the book, this chapter talks about supplements to enhance immunity and that for me is a huge factor when I am working with clients.

9 must have books for the successful health coach

2.  Gut Health

As we know this is where it all takes place.  The gut is an area where we spend a great deal of time studying and educating our clients.  I encourage all coaches working with me to make sure that they are diligently and routinely studying this area to build upon their expertise.

No matter your area of specialty; whether you work with children or postmenopausal women, the gut needs to be a primary focus.

One of my top choices for this particular area is Gut and Psychology by Dr. Nathashe Campell-McBride MD, MMedSci(neurology), MMedSci (nutrition).

Dr. Campbell-McBride has Youtube videos that you can watch as well.  One video that I particularly love can be found here.  Her passion is drawn from her autistic son.  She draws on her own experience which is something that is needed to connect with others.

She has a way of explaining things, combined with her experience and expertise that will have you stirring to learn more.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome covers all the food components including directions as well so it really covers in detail why she feels the way that she does and how to deal with the gut/psychology connection.

Dr. Campbell-McBride has a website full of great information.  The GAPS Diet website provides everything you need to know about the diet GAPS diet, including a Yahoo group that those following the diet can follow.

3.  Emotion and Mindset

I grew up with a whole lot of toxic emotions in my veins.  My mom left home when I was turning 15 and so became a defining moment in my life.  Countless years after, that period of my life defined my trauma that I later discovered existed. The lack of understanding, sadness and overall angry boiled in my system day in and day out.

But why?

After so many years, so many therapists could I still be harboring something that I desperately didn’t want to?

Overcoming Emotions That Destroy by Chip Ingram and Dr. Becca Johnson helped me understand by showing examples that made sense to me and that I could personally relate to.  The book also has questions throughout that you can answer directly in the book.  Not only that, but the book also provides action steps that you can implement now in order to begin change.  They are small snippet type questions that I personally like.

If you are struggling with anger that you know is brewing within still or have clients that do, this is certainly a top choice.


Another very good book in regard to emotion is Success Through Positive Mental Attitude by Napolean Hill and W. Clement Stone.  Chapter Ten of this book talks about how to motivate others.  I believe that a healthier self can be found when we see the light we can bring to other people’s lives.

The ability to calm the soul, spirit and nervous system through acts of kindness is of profound benefit to the human body.  Chapter Sixteen discusses how to raise energy levels.  Not referring necessarily to physical energy but moreover the spiritual and mental energy we have within and the corresponding effects to our wellbeing.

Happiness Now by Robert Holden is a book that I identify as speaking truths.  It shares what normal feelings are and encourages one that they are not broken.  Striving for happiness isn’t as impossible as it may feel for many that are struggling with their health.  

My favorite section of the book is the comparison of the unforgiving mind and the forgiving mind found on page #209.  Bringing communication with oneself to light and the awareness of how much our own mind is affecting our health.

4.  Gifted

Gifted doesn’t speak to academic status in this case.  I am referring to empathy.  Although everyone has a level of empathy, I have concluded within my own business that the women I work with are all, in fact, deep empaths.

They are deeply affected by those around them.  They can feel other people’s emotions, feel their pain and truly connect to what they are going through as they are going through it.

Many women that I have worked with have an understanding that they feel strongly but perhaps were labeled “sensitive” or “emotional” growing up.  These labels stuff the empath in my opinion.  They question themselves and their gut instincts.

As they do this, the body can become affected and they start feeling unwell.  Books can really help empaths understand that they are strong.  Teach that they have a gift and better understand what they are sensing within.

Secrets of Resilient People by John Less is a great resource as it provides 50 techniques to help form resilience.  I personally love books that provide information but also provide ways to cope, change or adjust.  How-to books are my favorite as they provide practical actionable steps that help people with a problem.

This book also has areas where you can write in and really get involved in the learning experience.  The author, John Less has several books that speak to specific areas of life as well.

5.  Relationship

As a health coach, you are clearly not a relationship expert nor a psychologist.  These two books are profound in their explanations of human relationships.

Not only do I recommend these books to clients but they have also been useful in my own life.  I have turned to both of them time and time again.

Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson has helped me greatly in my marriage.  This book has the absolute best way of communicating to the reader the various things that may really be happening between two people.  Dr. Sue Johnson really knows what she is talking about.

Children of the Self Absorbed by Nina W. Brown was a huge benefit to me.  I read it two times in a row as it spoke to me and my struggles with my mother.  I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Action steps, examples, and explanations found in this book helped me better understand my life growing up.

9 must read books for the successful health coach

Where To Order Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

Typically I get my books from one of two places: Chapters or Amazon.

I tend to go to Chapters first because I love wandering around the brick and mortar stores with coffee in hand.  Selecting books is a therapeutic process for me.  I zone out from the chaos of the world and enter the world of the text.

Another option is to order the books off of Amazon as e-books.  I purchased a Kindle for just this reason.  That being said, a paper copy is ideal so that you can really dive into it and take notes.  Many books come with sections that you can fill out and to me having a tangible copy is so much better.

When To Use These 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

There are a few specific times that I tend to turn to my bookshelf.

One major one is when I am running my Health Mindset groups.  These books are a staple to how I run these groups, often reading directly from them.  Combined with the information that I am teaching, reading from these books directly adds substance for the group members.

My 1-1 program is typically 3 months in duration.  Working so closely with a client allows me to really dive into their areas of concern.  While researching I am often lead back to my bookshelf.

Clients that work with me, get homework.  Often I have them read through a specific book to understand more about what I am trying to help them with.  You simply cannot recommend a client read a book if you have not read it yourself.  You should know what it covers before suggesting it to a client.

Benefits To Having These 9 Must-Read Books For The Successful Health Coach

Being able to sit and have a coffee while enjoying a good book should be beneficial enough, however, there are other reasons why we all need to focus on our bookshelves.

1.  Grow Your Skillset

Of course, reading various books is going to grow your knowledge base which will then grow your skillset.  Even in areas that you disagree with, you will determine a stronger outlook.  Sometimes your view may be shifted and you may try a new technique that you were previously opposed to.

2.  Use For Reference

Personally, I have gone back to each of these books countless times.  My mindset classes are always a huge hit and I can be found reading directly from the book and sharing them with my group clients.

3. Recommendations For Other Health Coaches

There are countless people on Earth.  More than enough clients for you to work with as well as every other successful health coach.  Understanding that from the beginning is a key ingredient to calming your self-doubts.

Read my article on my truth about starting an online health coaching business to learn more about my own journey.

You can be a help and encouragement to other health coaches by:

  1. Recommending your favorite books.
  2. Letting them know what has worked for you and what has not.
  3. Share some of your contacts with them to get them started.

Do not be afraid to help and encourage others in their work.  Having a positive mindset and belief that everyone has a purpose within this field is powerful.


If you are wondering what to do next in your business, order one of these books.  Not only will you find a ton of knowledge but you will be amazed at how much inspiration they will give you.

If you have started your website, take notes and write a blog post with all the amazing content that you gather.  Remember to reference the book that you are pulling information from as you go.  That makes it much easier later when you write your blog post, you have to go back searching.

If you need help getting started with your business, join my business coaching course and you will be well on your way!

I hope that you found this information useful!  I love hearing from you, please leave a comment and let me know your favorite books or if you have read any from my list!

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