8 Essential Website Pages For Every Health Coach Website

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With so many ways to build your website, it can feel overwhelming.  If you are anything like me, sometimes that overwhelm results in no action…  That is why I decided to create this post for you.  I put together what I have learned are the 8 essential website pages for every health coach website.

My goal is to provide the best information for you to get started and be successful.  As someone who has been following along in countless health groups, it has become evident how many health coaches start out and quit.


8 Essential Website Pages For Every Health Coach Website


Truthfully, they are quitting because they aren’t making any money…

I am going to be incredibly honest as I walk you through my own journey and what I have learned.  Working as a health coach is really tough.  There are obstacles and I will share them all with you as you follow along.

The bottom line is that you need to make money.  Period and the end.  If you are not making money then you simply have an incredibly expensive hobby.

Like any job, health coaching has difficulties.  Most people that become health coaches have the desire to help others because of their own experiences and sometimes trauma.  Many take courses simply for themselves and have no intention of working with clients, however, if you are in this field to help and work with people than you need to look at it as a business.

Often health coaches let the emotional side take over the business side.  Many feel like something is missing in their life and that they want to help in a bigger way.  I get it…  Although I had 10 years of teaching health in local Colleges, my journey as a nutritional practitioner started the day that I almost lost my daughter.

Life-changing is an understatement.  That day was the beginning of the hardest period of my life.  However, that is the beginning of my success!

There are a lot of things to consider when you are starting out and one of them is building and getting your website published.


What you should do before you work on the essential website pages for every health coach website?

This post is about the 8 essential website pages for every health coach website but before you start, I recommend that you have your Facebook page set up.

Setting up a Facebook page is simple.  It takes a few minutes of your time.  Once you have it set up, you have a means of promoting yourself and building an audience daily while you get everything else in place.

I recommend that you post on your Facebook page 2 times a day, every day.  The key to building an audience is consistency.  The best method that I have found to gain likes and followers that truly want to learn and work with me is video.

Avoid asking everyone and anyone to like your page or follow you.  I did that only to realize that it was useless as none of my friends or family was my ideal clients and they had no intention of ever working with me.

You want to make sure of course that you know who your ideal audience is and what your goal is in helping them.  That way you are always providing valuable information.

This is the method that I followed and as a result, I was working with clients before I even hit publish on my website.  It gives you a way to start making money while you set up the areas that require money to create.  Building a website involves spending money and building a business requires investing in it.

You will need to purchase a domain and hosting for example and that requires a yearly fee.  You may have wanted to buy a theme instead of using a free theme and that costs money. Then, you need to have access to a HIPPA certified portal for all of your work with clients and that of course also requires an investment.

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Now, that you have your Facebook page set up and your first few posts out, let’s move on to the 8 essential website pages for every health coaching website.


How many pages should be on the main menu of a health coach website?

Honestly, some people will tell you 5 and others will say no more than 7.  I am going to share with you, my suggestions and what I have personally learned along the way.  Do what works for you and what feels like a representation of you when it comes to your website.

That doesn’t mean go crazy.  Bruce Clay has a great post on the 7 Mobile-Friendly Navigation Best Practices that is worth a read since most people are using their phones nowadays.  For me, the most relevant points that he makes are user ease of use and the most important pages first.

Put yourself in the eyes of the user.  Pretend that you are your potential ideal client.  Let say that you are a 50-year-old woman experiencing all the symptoms of menopause.

You land on your website and the main pages are about weight loss, male libido, and postpartum.  Obviously, you would not stay and would be scrolling for a website that is more relevant to what you are specifically searching for and your specific pain points.

Now, that was just an example but the point is that your website needs to make sense to the user.  You want your ideal client to know immediately what your site is about, who you are and how you can help them.

If you look at your website and consider user experience than having 20 pages in your main navigation would likely be overwhelming.  I suggest you stick between 5-7on your main menu.

Legal Pages

This is number 1 of the essential website pages for every health coach website.  Make sure that you know what legal pages you need on your website and purchase the proper pages from a lawyer that knows what they are doing.  You want to protect you and your business.

I have an entire post on legal pages including where you can purchase them so please read that after you finish reading this post.  This is the most important factor in your business, I do not recommend that you work with anyone until you have all the legal pieces in place.

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Home Page

This is your main page and the page that all other pages should link to.  You will learn all about how to set up the best structure for your website later but first, get your pages in place.

Health Coach Solutions has a great post on building a successful health coach website and viewing the about page as “Aunt Suzy’s Secret Sauce”.

Your about page should be clear, visually appealing and easy to navigate.  Also known as your landing page, the about page should be a summary of what you provide and answers to your client’s most pressing pain points.


essential website pages for every health coach website

Blog Page

Your blog page should have a clear 300 description of the topics that the reader can expect to find.  From there, I recommend that you have sub-topics that the potential client can click on to learn more about.

As an example.  If your niche is women’s health.  You would list your blog page in your main navigation bar.  Then, on the blog page, you have subcategories such as gut health, brain-gut connection, skincare, supplements, and so on.

That way the user can find exactly what they are looking for and your website makes sense.  If your website makes sense from a user experience than it is likely easier for Google to navigate as well.


Category Pages

You will certainly have many other pages and they can fall into what they call silos and build up your website.  That means that you can have categories that fall under your main menu pages.  For example, if you have recipes as a page on your main menu.  You can list the categories under that: dinner, lunch, and breakfast or gluten-free, egg-free and sugar-free.

This is becoming strategic.  Category pages show that your website has depth and shows that you have a lot to offer.  It also means that the reader stays on your website longer which will then slowly over time produce higher DA.

Make sure that you place an author box on each blog post that you create.  Google has cracked down on health blogs and website and you need to show that you are in fact an expert in your field.


About Page

There are 2 main objectives when it comes to your about page.  You want to list your credentials on your about page.  You want to show your reader that you are an expert in your field.  Remember that your reader is looking for answers.  People want to learn from an expert or from someone who has experienced what they are experiencing.

Your about page gives you an opportunity to show your expertise and your experience.  This is an area where you can show that you truly can relate to them and build a relationship with your reader.

Contact Page

Self-explanatory as it seems you do want to make sure that your contact page is easy to understand and appealing to the eye.  You need to be clear on the ways that the person can reach you.

Make sure that all of your links work.  You also want to ensure that you are using a professional e-mail.  For example use tammy@tammyseedhealth rather than tammyseedhealth@gmail.com.

If you work solely online, make that obvious as well.  List how the potential client can work with you.  Even though, working online is more popular now and provides ease for the client many will not understand the process.

Indicate whether you use Skye, Zoom or a special portal to provide 1-1 video services so that it is clear to the reader.

Service Page

Focus on your reader.  Put yourself on the opposite end of the computer and think about what you would expect to see on a service page if you were the one looking for answers.

Remember, when you create your service page, stay focused on your ideal client and their pain point.  What can you provide them in regard to service that can truly help them in their journey and with their struggles?

If you offer various pages or programs then I suggest that you set up your services with detailed description and then link to your HIPPA certified platform.  You want all your bookings to go through a certified platform that allows the client to pay as well as receive forms including your agreement and waivers that you need to be signed before beginning work with them.

Personally, I recommend that you share some of your journey in a 300-word snippet at the top of your service page.  This is good for SEO but mostly relates to the potential client once again reinforcing that you really can relate to their struggles and are there to help them.

Health Coach Institue has a post where they share some sample health coaching websites to get you inspired that you can take a look at to get an idea of layout and style.

Resource Page

This is an area that is often not given enough attention or not provided at all.

Resources can be anything from:

  • List of other relevant websites
  • Types of lab testing that can be provided
  • Recipes
  • A challenge

It requires work to put together and create but the nice thing is that once you spend the time to do so that it is done.  Remember to stay focused on your niche and your ideal client.  You want your resources to answer questions that they may have or provide strategies that could possibly help them.


Let your website be a representation of yourself.  I hope you found these 8 essential website pages for every health coach website useful!

Your ideal client is looking for answers to their questions and they also want to work with someone who can relate to what they are going through.  Focus on user ease and readability!

I would love to hear from you, drop the link to your website so we can see what you have done with yours!

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