5 Foods That Can Help You Sleep!

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5 FOODS That Can Help You Fall Asleep

For Anxiety-Related Insomnia

Tossing and turning ALL night.  Been trying to sleep for 4 hours.  Can’t seem to stop thinking.  Don’t even no what you are thinking about anymore.

Health really suck sometimes. I am not one to pretend that it doesn’t. Nope… ask anyone of my clients.

I share a lot of my own journey with others and the things that I have gone through have been awful.  Some worse than what other people have gone through and some don’t touch the surface of what others have gone through.

Why am I saying that?

Because at some point I notice we negotiate of symptoms. You know… I shouldn’t feel bad because at least I don’t have ________ or noone understands because they don’t have what I have.

Education is important here and understanding that the brain cannot weigh the amount of hurt it is going through when in paralyze state.

Because when you are in paralyze state the brain CANNOT tell the difference between trauma. It cannot tell the difference between emotional and physical trauma.


When you get triggered, the brain doesn’t know that you aren’t in the trauma itself. This would be why you are getting triggered in the first place. If the brain wasn’t reacting the mind would be able to say everything is ok and it all end there.

This is how my ptsd works for me. Nope, not a doctor… Just a mom, women and wife that has been diagnosed with ptsd on multiple occasions.

  • When my daughter went to brownie camp all weekend this weekend. My body went into paralyze because my brain signaled that she could be dying just like she did at birth. (pronounced deceased and brought back).
  • When me son falls and cries, my body goes into paralyze because my brain thinks he is going unconcious again from the vaccine I let him get at 18 mths.
  • When my mom talked to me at my niece’s wedding shower today, my body went into paralyze because my brain thought she was leaving again like she did when I was 14 years old.


Non of these thing were happening again and I have done enough mindset work around each one to be able to recognize, process, accept and rewire. This allows me to continue on having a fantastic day!

That was not something that I could do years ago. My brain/mind/body connection would have been shot by example 3, I would have told my husband (with full belief) that I was sure I was dying, I would have come home and crawled into bed and spent the rest of the day hyper aware of my symptoms. I would have likely been assessing each symptom on google to continue my despair.

So, what is it that is happening when in these triggers?

The HPA axis is getting triggered via the hypothalmus down the vagus nerve and setting of the nervous system.

Read more about that in this post I wrote:  HPA Axis Dysfunction and Symptoms

Lack of sleep leads to a variety of issues:

All of those triggers throughout the day can be exhausting…   When it is time for bed your body is in need of a good night rest.   The thing is that all of those triggers have likely released cortisol, had you in fight/flight/paralyze and now your body is all mixed up.  You are exhausted at 9 pm but by the time you get into bed you are wide awake.

Cortisol is supposed to be the highest in the morning.  This makes sense, you get up and start your day! The idea is that cortisol lowers as the day goes on.  It is an awful when stuck in the cycle of waking up at 3 am because the adrenals are releasing cortisol.  Obviously this can lead to lack of those deep sleep hours and that leads to even more stress of the body and more cortisol.  In the circadian rhythm melatonin is the counterbalance to cortisol.  Cortisol high in am and melatonin high at bedtime. BUT, in a poor sleep cycle cortisol stays high and melatonin stays low.

Short attention span, irritability, fatigue and poor digestion to name a few. In short, poor sleep often equals poor health. There seems to be an epidemic with regard to insomnia and not getting enough sleep over the years. Subsequently, increasing likelihood of chronic disease in the future.

Related Supplements:  You can give Melatonin a try.  I like this one, Nature’s Way 5mg.

Did you know that food directly affect quality of sleep?

There are a variety of nutrient dense whole foods that provide the necessary vitamins and minerals allowing the best chance of a restful night.


  1.  Cherries are rich in melatonin. Melatonin is produced by a small gland in our brain and aids our body in sleep; it is often referred to as, the sleep hormone.
  2. Not only is Kale nutrient dense but it boasts a healthy dose of calcium. Research indicates that calcium deficient children have a more difficult time falling to sleep.
  3. Almonds are rich in the mineral, magnesium; which according to a study in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine is an absolute must for quality sleep. Almond milk is easy to make at home and provides the perfect liquid for your smoothie.
  4. Add unsweetened cocoa powder, which at 100-gram serving provides almost 500 milligrams of magnesium. Magnesium is a natural sedative!
  5. Bananas are great because they have an abundance of potassium and magnesium which are natural muscle relaxants. They are also chalk full of vitamin B6 which is needed to produce melatonin.
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